Bitmain Antminer C1 is a new interesting offer coming from Bitmaintech, a 1000 GHS Bitcoin ASIC miner with water cooling. The new Antminer C1 ASIC miner comes in a kind of DIY form as Bitmain is only selling the mining unit with integrated water block for the ASIC chips, the rest of the cooling you need to buy separately and install yourself. The Antminer C1 miner is being sold for 1 BTC or $349.34 USD at the moment and you can buy a ready kit with the rest of the water cooling components for extra $50 USD or use your own components to complete the cooling solution of the miner. The C1 miner is offering 1000 GHS hashrate with a power consumption of about 800W according to the specifications quoted by the manufacturer and you will have a bit more power usage for the additional fans and the water pump for the water cooling part.


The new Bitmain Antminer C1 Bitcoin ASIC miner with water cooling should offer a quieter operation, making it suitable for use by home miners and with the winter coming this could turn out to be a nice combination of quiet device that provides you with a heating for the winter. The drawback with the Antminer C1 using this approach for water cooling is that it may not be suitable for everyone, especially people with no experience in water cooling solutions for computers, even though the suggested ANT C1 kit should be easy to install. The miner does not come ready to be used and you need to buy extra hardware form a separate supplier, a decent and cheap choice apparently offered as an option, or use more expensive and serious PC water cooling components to make the miner operational.

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The crypto currency exchange mcxNOW has announced their plans to go into a long maintenance period and users are being advised to withdraw their coins as otherwise they will be lost when the exchange gets back online. McxNow will go into maintenance for a few weeks starting November 15th. We actually haven’t used that exchange for a while now since it hasn’t added new altcoins for very long time and the ones it supports have had their price a while ago. So with a maintenance that will continue for a few weeks we would be hardly waiting for the exchange to come back again to start using it… that is unless it really offers something new and fresh. Anyway, don’t forget to withdraw any crypto coins that you might have in mcxNOW if you have used the exchange at some point in time or are still using it. Below you can see the official announcement from the exchange quoted:

mcxNOW will be going into a maintenance period beginning November 15 2014 and lasting at least some weeks to address some issues concerning wallet use and the number of system administrators able to resolve problems. We will also take this time to perform some feature requests from users.

All wallets here will be removed to make way for a new wallet system meaning you will need to withdraw all your cryptocurrency holdings prior to this cutoff point. Any coins left in mcxNOW at the cutoff point will be destroyed.

Existing wallets and all backups are going to be shredded to maintain privacy of users. Some coins currently on mcxNOW will not return. Thank you for your patience while we try to keep mcxNOW one of the best platforms for cryptocurrency.


KnCMiner has posted something interesting on Twitter in response to the story about them stopping to sell mining hardware to end users and focusing on building their data centers that was started by Bloomberd, apparently the company does not have such plans and is already working on something new to be introduced by the end of the year. It is a fact however that at the moment KnCMiner is not selling miners to customers, their Neptune Bitcoin miners and Titan Scrypt miners are not being sold – they are listed as out of stock. The cloud mining services that are apparently being offered are in fact also not being sold as no matter what location you set you cannot complete the purchase of hashrate (there is a mention about the cloud offer “available in select territories”, but no mention which ones if any). Furthermore many of the current customers are not happy with KnCMiner as they are failing to deliver on their promises, a lot of people are still waiting for their long promised bonus Bitcoin miners and many people still have not received their Titan Scrypt ASICs even though the we are already past the promised Q2/Q3 delivery. The people that have received their Titan miners are complaining from various issues and KNC is not issuing refunds even after failing to deliver on their promises. So with the current not so favorable situation for the company, even if they try to continue to sell mining hardware to end users they may find it hard to convince people to buy it…