NiceHash is Looking for Crypto Currency Programmers

23 Oct


The service for renting and leasing hashrate NiceHash has posted some job offers/bounties for crypto currency programmers that can help them improve their services and also help in improving the mining software that crypto currency miners are using to mine for various coins. The rewards you can get for the various tasks range from 1 to 5 BTC each and the jobs are range from firmware modification to adding features in software and optimizing mining kernels for increased performance.

List of available jobs and bounties:
– Integrate Simple Multi-Algorithm mining (SMA) into ccminer
– Integrate Simple Multi-Algorithm mining (SMA) into sgminer
– Optimize ScryptJane algorithm with AVX2 support
– Make SSE2, AVX and AVX2 optimizations for NeoScrypt
– BITMAIN’s AntMiner firmware job
– Optimize CUDA kernel for popular NiceHash algorithm
– Optimize OpenCL kernel for popular NiceHash algorithm

For more details about the current job openings and bounties from NiceHash…

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