Capricoin (CPC) X11-based alternative cryptocoin

22 Jul


Capricoin (CPC) is a next generation X11 alternative cryptocoin. It has just 1 Block POW (Proof of Work) and then moves to full POS (Proof of Stake) which is designed for large volumes of transactions. Having confirmation speeds up to 75 percent faster than Bitcoin, it is easy to see why Capricoin will be the choice for mainstream adoption and use. Bitcoin has proven that the world wants Crypto Currencies. However it has many inherent flaws. Let’s look at these flaws and how Capricoin is designed to address the issues.


Block Explorer / Crawler:

Coin Specifications

  • Algorithm: X11 (1 Block POW/POS Hybrid)
  • Total supply: 208 Million CPC (after 24 years)
  • Block Time: 60 seconds
  • Confirmations on Transactions: 6
  • Premine: 200 Million (1,000,052.07 CPC reserved for dev team, 50 Million distributed for free, 50 Million reserved for Staisybit, 99 Million reserved for inhouse staking)
  • PoS staking rewards: Currently 2% Annually, reducing over time


Source Code:
at GitHub

– RPC Port: 22713
– P2P Port: 22714

Mining Pools:
None, the coin is currently PoS only.

Coin Exchanges:

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