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Low crypto currency exchange rates, difficulty for Bitcoin and Litecoin going down, more Scrypt ASICs getting cancelled… in a situation like this how can you actually make profit mining, especially if using a cloud mining service? Well, the good news is that most of the cloud mining services are still up and running with ROI times just getting even longer than before, so it is hard to talk about actually getting a profit at the moment. At the same time however some services that promised long term contracts with maintenance fees included in the price are struggling to survive – bad planning expecting the price of BTC to skyrocket short term or well planned long-terms scams, it is hard to tell. The fact is that at the moment it may not be the wisest idea to invest in cloud mining hashrate, especially if you are not going to be paying for the hashrate with cash, but with coins that you have already mined or purchased at higher price.

Genesis Mining remains one of the preferred cloud mining services thanks to being more transparent and open on their hardware partners and mining farms and who is actually behind the service, and also by offering some innovative and interesting features to miners. Their prices may not be the best out there, but at least they are here to stay long term.

Bitcoin Cloud Services is probably the closest competitor with very similar terms to PBMining and prices for the hashrate. There were some concerns about the service when it launched, but it is still here a few months later, paying daily and offering attractive terms. Though since the business model could also be the same as PBMining if you have concerns you might want to go for other alternatives as well. is one of the first Scrypt cloud mining services from back when Litecoin was still profitable to mine with GPUs. We’ve had some issues with the service when we started to use it, then later on they were apparently resolved, but their services are not among the most attractive as they still rely mostly on their GPUs farms.

PBmining has been having some trouble for the last few weeks with claiming to be a result of blackmail and operators personal data about the service operators leaking. As a result the service is apparently a “failing business” in their own words and “recovery is trying to be made”, no more hashrate is being sold and weekly payments are at just about 5% or less of what they should normally be. If you were among the early users fo the service you might have made some profit, but for people that joined PBmining in the last weeks it could be a serious loss. It is not clear if all was due to bad business planning or if it was a scam, note that the website is still online and there are still some payments being made, but that could also change at any time.

GAW Miners is a company that started selling ASIC miners, then moved into cloud mining and are now moving to the next step – introducing their own crypto coin and building an whole ecosystem around it. They are essentially moving away from cloud mining services and moving to another business that they see as a better and more profitable alternative, we are yet to see how things will develop on the long term.

Hashie is a relatively new service, but since they have partnered with the AMHash mining farm and started reselling their hashrate they have become a good place to get hashrate from. They were confirmed as an official partner by AMHash, a large mining farm operated by ASIC manufacturers, so their trust level has gone up and the price they have for AMHash hashrate is currently very good compared to other similar services.

Hashnest is service for buying cloud mining and renting actual hardware miners operated by Bitmain, another ASIC manufacturer. The service had some issues in the past, but it stil running and trying to improve. They have announced a market where users can trade hashrate and get a better price per GHS, but even though you might be able to get a good price for the hashrate their maintenance fees have been quite high.

ZeusHash has transformed from an ASIC manufacturer to cloud mining service provider, but unfortunately since they are not making their own hardware anymore and they do rely on other partners for the mining hardware their terms are far from the best. What they do try to do is to attract users with various incentives, some of which may work well, others not, but in the end people want to make money from their investment in cloud mining and this service may not be the best place for that at the moment.

Chabat Mining is another new service that has been grown quite a bit lately by offering very attractive Scrypt cloud mining hashrate prices, but with the not so favorable situation for LTC at the moment it is questionable how wise it is to invest in Scrypt cloud mining at the moment. We’ve been having some strange issues with the service’s website, like often not being able to actually see our current mining status, but no issues with payments so far.

CEX was one of the first large could mining farms, however with their maintenance fees going higher and higher the profitability of the service has gone down significantly. So at the moment you can say that it is more like a large crypto currency exchange with some cloud mining options available to make something extra when trading with hashrate and not only crypto coins.


It seems that currently Genesis Mining is running a 10% discount on their regular prices for Bitcoin hashrate and we can make that discount up to 15% if you use our special promo key CryptoMiningBlog5. With the additional discount code you can get 20 GHS for $13.51 USD ($0.6755 USD per GHS), instead of the 10% only discount bringing the price to $14.22 USD down from the regular price of $15.99 USD. The 1000 GHS offer that is normally available for $779 USD is now down to $702 USD with the 10% discount and you can have it for just $666.90 USD ($0.6669 USD per GHS). The 10 THS offer normally available for $7699 USD is currently down with the 10% offer to $6930 USD and with the extra promo code you can purchase it for $6583.50 USD ($0.65835 USD per GHS). Do note that this is a limited time offer to get 10% discount on the regular prices of Bitcoin cloud hashrate and in order to make them a total of 15% you need to use the above promo code in the checkout. Investing in BTC hashrate at the moment does not seem like a bad idea as the difficulty hasn’t increased rapidly lately and you can even say it has been quite stable just like is the case with the exchange rate of BTC – low, but kind of stable.

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The Bitcoin cloud mining service has resumed offering hashrate from the AMHash farm operated by AsicMiner and RockMiner after a few days of not providing hashrate. The price per 1 GHS is still 0.0012 BTC, but the maintenance fee is now down from $0.00163 to $0.00153 USD per GHS per day and you’ll also receive $23 USD per THS when AMHash is no longer profitable to mine – an insurance against Bitcoin’s price dropping or the difficulty climbing too fast. This is currently among the best offers for Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate that you can purchase from services that are confirmed to actually have mining hardware and Hashie is officially listed as a partner for the AMHash mining farm if you are concerned about the reliability of the service. In fact this is the only partner that provides a more user friendly mining environment for the hashrate that you purchase and a market where you can actually sell your purchased hahsrate to other users. You can also directly purchase from AMHash or through Havelock Investments with very similar terms, but limited functionality, and there are also some additional large volume discounts available. With Hashie you can also get a 10 GHS free miner after your registration to test the service before actually having to buy anything.

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