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You can now start selling your hashrate or alternatively buying such for the X11-Gost algorithm used by SIBCoin (SIB) on NiceHash. SIBCoin is mostly supported by the Russian community, but in the last couple of months it has been growing steadily and the addition from NiceHash may help in the coin getting more interest from the international crypto community. The coin has a CPU miner, though not much useful nowadays with the availability of GPU miners. You can download the latest release ccMiner by tpruvot for Nvidia CUDA support of SIB and NiceHash or the latest NiceHash sgminer fork for AMD OpenCL GPUs. The latest release of the NiceHash Miner v1.7.5.0 software also comes with built-in support for the new X11-Gost algorithm used by SIB.

Interesting update coming from NiceHash as they have announced they are currently implementing support for PascalCoin (PASC) on their marketplace for users selling and renting hashrate. There are currently two mining pools available for PASC from Nanopool and from Suprnova and it is being traded on Poloniex with a very serious volume. Recently there was was a more turbulene surrounding the coin thanks to unexpected fork of the blockchain following a wallet update, but it seems that the issue has been resolved for the moment. We’ve had our doubts that PascalCoin may have a short lived pump and dump on Poloniex. It seems that we are past over that phase already with the user interest remaining and the support for PASC increasing, so you might want to keep an eye out for PascalCoin (PASC) if you haven’t been doing it already as of late…

The Minebox project has been announced a while ago as an interesting solution that combines a NAS device for storing your own data with a blockchain powered cryptocurrency for storing other user’s data on your free and unused space and earning money for doing that. Minebox relies on affordable Enterprise grade hardware from HP, namely the HP MicroServer that we’ve covered before as an interesting choice in regards to use with SiaCoin and Storj for example. So we were not surprised that this project has decided to go for the particular hardware from HP and extend the base NAS functionality with support for SiaCoin (SC) “mining” by renting your currently unused space. It is definitely an interesting idea, buying hardware that you can use for file storage and at the same time it may even pay for itself thanks to renting the unused resources such as free hard drive space over time.

If Minebox picks up a lot os user interest and we believe that it has the potential to do so, then it might spark the interest in other companies that are specializing already in more feature rich NAS solutions to integrate blockchain-powered services as well as a part of their portfolio. We are talking about companies such as Asustor, Qnap, Synology and others that may decide to add support for their products to rent unused space and allow the owners of the hardware to get paid for that thanks to support for SiaCoin or Storj or maybe something else…

Minebox has announced that it will start a presale of the MineBox NAS hardware starting next week – February 6th, apparently using ShapeShift as a partner for the payment with Bitcoin and other altcoins. Though not much details about the presale or when the actual devices will start to ship is yet available, hopefully it will be soon. It is interesting to see if there will also be a software only solution also available for more advanced users that may be interested in building their own devices or adding it on existing HP Proliant Microservers they may own. So far it is more likely tha Minebox will be sticking to providing users with the complete solution of hardware and software together, though you should still be able to upgrade your initial hardware such as adding more hard drives for example.

Minebox 8TB Specifications:
– HP Model: HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 G1610T
– HP Model version: 819185-001
– Processor: Intel Celeron G1610T 2.4GHz
– Processor cores: 2 cores
– Cache Memory: 2MB (1x2MB) L3 cache
– Memory: 4GB (1x4GB) PC3L-128000E DDR3 UDIMM
– Network controller: HPE Ethernet 1Gb 2-port 332i Adapter
– Storage controller: HPE Dynamic Smart Array B129i Controller
– Hard Drive: 8TB (2x4TB) Western Digital Caviar Red
– Internal storage: 4 LFF NHP-SATA HDD CAGE
– PCI-Express slots: 1 standard (1-Low Profile) PCIe 2.0
– Power supply: 150W
– Fans: One (1) Non-redundant system fan ships standard
– Operating System: xOS 1.0
– Form factor: Ultra Micro Tower
– Warranty: 1-year parts
– Size: 23.8 x 45.6 x 47.9 cm

You can get more details about the Minebox project on its official website here…