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Lately we’ve seen the exchange price of Bitcoin exploding and yet again the driving force behind the serious spike seem to be the big number of Chinese people investing into BTC. While on the western Bitcoin exchanges the price is trying to reach a new high of about $380 USD per Bitcoin, we are seeing that the big Chinese exchanges are already very close to $400 USD. This simply means that other exchanges will most likely follow and we may even reach $400 USD exchange rate even later today and it might not be the end of the price increase. So you might want to keep a close eye on what is happening with the price of Bitcoin and take advantage of the best moment to sell some coins…


Today, leading cryptocurrency cloud mining provider Genesis Mining launched a nationwide outdoor advertising campaign aimed at bringing awareness to the potential that Bitcoin brings to the world.

Consisting of taxi advertising, billboards, and guerrilla street marketing, the creative ads feature quotes from experts who made egregiously false predictions about disruptive innovations. The quotes were pulled from former leaders of major international corporations about innovations like the telephone, film, and the automobile.


The campaign launched today at 9:00am PST in Southern Florida, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, and Boston. Over the upcoming three months, the campaign will expand to over 40 cities across the United States.

Genesis Mining co-founder and CEO Marco Streng stated “We believe people get too caught up in what the experts have to say about innovations. Bitcoin is one of the most exciting innovations the world has ever seen and it’s only just beginning. We launched this campaign to remind people that if you look through history, so called “experts” are not always right about the future. The goal is to open people’s minds and let them decide for themselves what to think.”


About Genesis Mining
Genesis Mining was one of the first companies to offer cloud mining services and quickly built a reputation as an industry leading provider throughout the cryptocurrency world. As one of the loudest voices advocating for the Bitcoin community, Genesis Mining also prides itself on its cutting-edge technology, proprietary solutions, and focus on customer support. The mining industry will continue to evolve and Genesis Mining will do the same, maintaining its role as an industry leader and defender.


ZeusHash has never been the best cloud mining service and even when they tried partnering with a large Chinese mining farm to provide cloud mining hashrate to its customers their offers were never that attractive. We have essentially stopped covering the service as nothing worth mentioning about it has happened in the last few months, but it seems that now there is something important happening. We haven’t even checked our mining account with a few hundred GHS there for quite some time until we have started receiving reports from users that ZeusHash has stopped paying mining dividends to its customers after 20th of October. It seems that many if not all accounts are affected including ours as there have been no mining dividends paid starting 21st of October.

There has been no official announcement about why no new dividends are being added to users accounts, but with the high price of Bitcoin at the moment the reason is definitely not because of mining becoming non-profitable. Trying to reach support users are getting a response that there is an issue they are aware of and than there will be a compensation for the downtime, however nothing has happened for a few days already. So we would not recommend anyone that is considering getting cloud mining hashrate to go for ZeusHash, and if you already have purchased some mining capacity there you should contact support until they finally fix the problem and compensate you for the downtime. The fact that many if not all users have been affected and there is no official announcement from ZeusHash few days later already is not reassuring at all.