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Black Friday is almost here and Bitcoin users should also prepare for some nice deals and discounts for various crypto currency related items and not only. The website Bitcoin Black Friday is dedicated to collecting various deals that should go live on November 27th 2015 (Black Friday), so you might want to check it out in a few days when things get hot. Meanwhile the website is still accepting merchants that want to offer a good deal to users for the Bitcoin Black Friday, so there is time for getting your deal listed if you want to have something special for Black Friday customers. The dedicated website expects that over 2000 merchants will take part in this year’s Bitcoin Black Friday.

To visit the dedicated Bitcoin Black Friday website for more details…


It seems that someone is attempting to trademark the word “Litecoin” in Europe and the Litecoin Association is looking for help from users in order to object to the ‘bad’ trademark application. Interestingly enough the trademark application has absolutely nothing to do with crypto currencies and is not related to the Litecoin (LTC) crypto currency. There is a dedicated website accepting donations in Bitcoin and Litecoin (unfortunately not providing a lot of details and not very professionally made) as well as an IndieGoGo campaign. The goal is to collect the required €350 which is the fee for filing an opposition with OHIM – the organization responsible for handling trademark issues in the European Union. Any additional funds over the required fee that are collected will be used to trademark Litecoin on behalf of Mr Charlie Lee and if granted, open up the trademark for everyone worldwide to use.


Lately we’ve seen the exchange price of Bitcoin exploding and yet again the driving force behind the serious spike seem to be the big number of Chinese people investing into BTC. While on the western Bitcoin exchanges the price is trying to reach a new high of about $380 USD per Bitcoin, we are seeing that the big Chinese exchanges are already very close to $400 USD. This simply means that other exchanges will most likely follow and we may even reach $400 USD exchange rate even later today and it might not be the end of the price increase. So you might want to keep a close eye on what is happening with the price of Bitcoin and take advantage of the best moment to sell some coins…