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The service for renting or selling your hashrate for various mining algorithms with direct payment in Bitcoin, NiceHash, has added support for Ethereum’s Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm as well as for Blake256r8, Blake256r14 and modified Blake256r8vnl (Vanillacoin) algorithms. Do note however that the Blake256 14-rounds used by Decred is not yet supported, so be careful when setting up your miners for the Blake256 algorithms regardless if you need getting or selling your hashrate on the service. The usage for Ethereum mining is pretty much the same like what you would go for with a normal ETH pool that does not have stratum implemented. For more details on the newly added algorithms you can visit NiceHash


After hovering around $380 USD for quite some time since the beginning of this month, Bitcoin has finally moved past the $400 USD exchange rate again and is pushing to get higher. While BTC has been somewhat low in terms of price, but with a network difficulty that is continuing to grow rapidly with another 20 or so percent increase in the network difficulty right around the corner some altcoins have managed to do great. We are talking about Ethereum (ETH) that has had its price skyrocket to over 5 Euro and over 6 USD in the last days and that has also sparked some temporary, but huge interest in some of the Ethereum forks such as Expanse. The way things are moving with more big jumps in the difficulty and the second upcoming block halving this summer people are expecting to see Bitcoin doubling its price, but we are yet to see if that will happen this summer or not…


Ethereum (ETH) has reached a serious milestone passing 1 million blocks mined by users in a bit more than half a year since the official launch of mining. This is possible thanks to the fast block times on the Ethereum network as compared to Bitcoin for example that is just approaching block 400000 for more than 5 years of existence. Looking at the file size of the Ethereum blockchain data files we see that they have already grown to reach about 8 GB which is already pretty big, tough it is just about 12% of the Bitcoin blockchain that is already getting close to 65 GB in size. Passing the 1 millionth mined block means that about 5 million of Ether coins have been mined by users so far, but since there have been 72 million already available prior the start of the mining the total coin supply is currently at about 77 million already. The 60 million of these coins were sold to users prior the official launch of the Ethereum network, and the rest 12 million of the initial 72 million coins were used for developers and contributors and a s along term reserve.

Currently 1 Ether coins is being traded for about about $4.8 USD bringing the total market capitalization of Ethereum with all available coins to about 371 million USD positioning it at the second crypto coin just after 6 billion USD Bitcoin market cap. Leaving market capitalization aside, looking at the 24 hour trading volumes alone we can see that Ethereum is doing about 18-19 million USD while Bitcoin is currently at about 66 million USD. So while the gap in total market capitalization is quite huge, Ethereum is not that far behind in terms of trading volumes at the moment, meaning that there is really a lot of interest in it. What we need to see is if this peak of interest in Ethereum is going to last temporary or it will be going even stronger in the feature… we are ready to go for the latter.