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Finding an online wallet for Bitcoin might be an easy thing to do as there are quite a few, but when it comes to online altcoin wallets things may become harder and online wallets for multiple coins are even harder to find. Add to that the ability to earn interest from Proof of Stake altcoins and you only get a few options available with CoinWallet probably being the most versatile supporting a total of 58 different crypto currencies including many PoS coins. The number of supported altcoins with Proof of Stake that will earn you interest on the stored coins in the wallet is 34 out of the 58 in total that are currently supported by the service.

List of all currently supported crypto coins:
– Archcoin (ARCH), Bitbean (BITB), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoindark (BTCD), Blackcoin (BLK), Cannabiscoin (CANN), Carboncoin (CARB), Clams (CLAM), Dash (DASH), Diamondcoin (DMD), Digibyte (DGB), Digitalcoin (DGC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Dopecoin (DOPE), Emercoin (EMC), Energycoin (ENRG), Europecoin (ERC), Feathercoin (FTC), Gamecredits (GMC), Gridcoin (GRC), Groestlcoin (GRS), Hyperstake (HYP), iCash (ICASH), Limecoinx (LIMX), Litecoin (LTC), Magi (XMG), MasterTraderCoin (MTR), Megacoin (MEC), Metalcoin (METAL), Mindcoin (MND), Mintcoin (MINT), Nakamotodark (NKT), Netcoin (NET), Noblecoin (NOBL), Nubits (NBT), OKcash (OK), Orbitcoin (ORB), Peercoin (PPC), Potcoin (POT), Primecoin (XPM), Quatloo (QTL), Quotient (XQN), Reddcoin (RDD), Rubycoin (RBY), Sapience (XAI), Shadowcash (SDC), Solarcoin (SLR), Spreadcoin (SPR), Startcoin (START), Syscoin (SYS), TEKcoin (TEK), Titcoin (TIT), Transfercoin (TX), Unobtanium (UNO), Vericoin (VRC), VPNcoin (VPN), Warpcoin (WARP), Zetacoin (ZET).


The service charges a small PoS pool mining fee of either 1% or 2% for the different supported coins and the fee is deducted from the total of the staked coins with the rest distributed among all of the users with mature coins. The other small fee charged by the service is when you are withdrawing coins, the fee is 0.25% for Bitcoin and 0.50% for all of the other alternative crypto coins that are supported.

When you have some coins deposited in your CoinWallet online wallet you can use some interesting extra features such as sending coins by email with no extra fees. The other useful thing you will get access to is a Twitter tipping service allowing you to easily send and receive various coins in the form of tips, though in order to be able to use the Twitter tipping Bot you need to connect your Twitter account with your online wallet. Note that you can receive tips to your Twitter account before you have registered with CoinWallet (or connected your Twitter account) as tips will remain pending until you register and connect your accounts.

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Last month we have decided to give out a try of the latest Storj DriveShare GUI and to participate in the beta testing of the service. We also wanted to check out the rewards that people are getting in return for their help in testing out the network and today Storj will be distributing the next bath of rewards. We have participated in the test for about 20 days with 100 GB of space shared on the network and according to the data published our reward for helping test the network in January is a little over 12 SJCX coins with about 94% uptime for the time duration. With the current StorjCoinX exchange rate this is about 115000 satoshi or about $0.45 USD, it may not seem that much, but do not forget that these are rewards for beta testing the service. Sharing more space for longer time with better uptime should bring you more rewards, though this should give you an idea on what to expect should you decide to help with beta testing. What you should know is that helping with beta testing won’t be that much profitable, but once the service officially launches what you get back in return for sharing your free hard drive space should be more rewarding.

For the moment however the users beta testing are required to purchase at least 10000 SJCX in order to be eligible for rewards and the rewards themselves are not that big unless you share a lot of space. The people sharing 25 TB of space each for the service are apparently getting about 1500 SJCX coins as a reward. So getting into the beta testing phase and participating in the reward program is more for people that do believe in the service and as a kind of a long term investment as well. You can of course participate in the testing of the service without having 10000 SJCX in your wallet, however this way you will not be eligible for receiving rewards for your help and support. So if you are interested in checking the service out you can head on to the official DriveShare website and download the GUI version of the software.

The number of unique participants in the beta testing of the DriveShare software in January is 533 that are eligible for rewards according to the official published rewards list. The list also includes 1222 more users that do not have 10000 SJCX coins in their wallet, meaning that they are participating without receiving rewards. As a comparison in December last year there were 420 unique wallets participating with at least 10000 SJCX and receiving rewards and 711 more that were not eligible for rewards. For November the numbers were 352 and 663 respectively, for October there were 342 and 393, so there are more users joining and helping test the service. Last week the service has announced the reach of another milestone in their testing phase, passing 2 PB of total storage shared and now it is already over 3 PB of storage shared.

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A new cryptocurrency investment platform has been launched called OXBTC that combines Bitcoin and Litecoin cloud mining with Bitcoin and Litecoin deposits with interest. What the service essentially combines is the ZeusHash cloud mining platform with the HalleyBTC Bitcoin savings investment platform and is apparently operated by the same people behind these two other services. OXBTC extends a bit the basic functionality offered by the other two platforms and combines them into a single one to make it easy for users, or this should be the idea, but it could as easy be considered as a rebranding just to attract new customers. The claims that they are making about the “World’s Highest ROI” on their homepage are probably a bit far fetched, especially with the cloud mining with the not so low prices and the recent serious jump in the difficulty of the Bitcoin network especially, so the part with the deposits with interest might be more attractive option.


The extra advantage available here is that you can have both deposits in BTC and in LTC and you have two options – 0.02% daily interest rate on deposits or 30-day fixed deposit with 15% Expected APY, available for both Bitcoin and Litecoin. The difference from HalleyBTC is the availability of Litecoin deposits here, however the 90-day Fixed deposit with 17% Expected APY is not available at OXBTC.

The other option you have is to invest in cloud mining hashrate and you again have the option to purchase both SHA256 hashrate for mining Bitcoin as well as Scrypt hashrate for mining Litecoin, just like on ZeusHash, however here you should also have the ability to trade the hashrate you have purchased. The market for trading BTC and LTC cloud mining hashrate however is still not operational apparently as the service has just launched, so it will most likely become active shortly. The regular price for cloud mining hashrate is 0.499 USD per GHS for Bitcoin hashrate (Maintenance Fee: $0.0009 / GHS / Day) and 13 USD per MHS for Litecoin hashrate (Maintenance Fee: $0.02 / MHS / Day). The prices here are a bit higher than they were at ZeusMiner, but the maintenance fee is a bit lower and OXBTC also offers Scrypt hashrate that is no longer available for quite some time at ZeusMiner.

The new platform might seem quite interesting to check out, however we would advice caution with it, because it is apparently being operated by the same people behind ZeusMiner and ZeusHash and we have seen some negative things from them. For example there were numerous issues with their cloud mining platform and even at the moment ZeusMiner is not fully functional, wallets are not working and you cannot withdraw any balances and mining does not seem to be working. Their other platform HalleyBTC does seem to be working fine for the moment, but we would still advice caution – better be safe than sorry. Still, more out of curiosity, we are going to be checking out the new service to see what they have made this time.

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