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It he last week or so the price of the Litecoin (LTC) has been growing with a good pace, essentially doubling from its previous long term level and today it has even passed the $5 USD mark. The exchange rate of Bitcoin has also been rising amidst the trouble in Greece and the general uncertainty in Europe, but not as much as the Litecoin. So could this be a signal it is time for the LTC to rise up and start catching up its lost positions? Interestingly enough with the increase in price of the LTC the interest in mining for Litecoins is also increasing, but there are no up to date ASIC miners or even cloud mining services left to offer Litecoin mining. That is not the case for people that have older Scrypt ASIC miners lying around and collecting dust as with the current price of LTC there is a reason enough to dust them off and start mining with them again.

On the other hand the timing of SFARDS Technology’s SF100 Dual-Miner that is expected to be available for order sometime this month could not be better. This miner is capable of providing a hashrate of 47 MHS with a power consumption of just 180W as per the information released from the manufacturer in single LTC mining mode. So the only thing remaining unknown is when it will be released and where you will be able to buy the miner from and for how much as the price is one of the key moments here. Unfortunately since the decline in home mining and end user’s interest in mining hardware there are not much stores selling ASIC miners, so it could be hard for people to get their hands on the Dual-Miner from SFARDS.


In light of the recent news that YAAMP has been bought by NiceHash there is still something good – the source code of the mining pool is now available on GitHub as an open source project. It seems that the deal with NiceHash is not about the code of the multi pool service, but is for the domain and the user base that the service has. So the people behind Yaamp have decided to release the code of the website instead of selling it to someone . So if you want to run a pool service such as what Yaamp offered, then you might want to check their source code, there is not that much documentation available yet, but you should be able to figure things out if you have some experience.

To view the source code of the Yaamp crypto mining pool available on GitHub…


At the moment it seems as if somebody is deliberately stress testing the Bitoin network by sending more and more transactions, so the queue of unconfirmed transactions is currently at over 6000 and continue to increase. With so many unconfirmed transactions waiting to be included in a block this brings the debate around the current limit of 1 MB block size and if this limit should be increased. It could be like somebody is intentionally testing how will the network handle the extra load in its current state causing the presence of so many unconfirmed transactions waiting in the queue. Or maybe, though not very likely, the Bitcoin network is currently overwhelmed with too many real users moving Bitcoins around causing a big queue and having people wait more for their transactions to be confirmed.

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