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Earlier this month we have mentioned the announcement of the ScryptGuild pool in their Alfa stage with invite only access and now the pool has moved to Beta stage and is open for free registrations. ScryptGuild is a pool with multiple alternative crypto currencies and an automatic switching algorithm that allows you to mine the most profitable crypto at the moment. It is similar to Multipool and the likes of it, however ScryptGuild offer some extra features that make it more attractive. For example you can set only one mining pool and switch to different cryptos to be mined on per worker basis directly from the web interface, there is also an option to directly sell your alternative coins that you have mined for BTC. Not to mention that the list of alternative cryptos is more up to date based on the more profitable coins at the moment and not keeping coins that you will probably not want to mine anymore like in Multipool for example.

ScryptGuild uses PPLNS system for distributing miners earnings or Pay per Last N Shares. This is a payment method which does not allow for pool hopping because it pays for work done previously, rather than paying for work based on the concept of “rounds”. ScryptGuild applies payments to the 5 most recent shifts: The active shift, and 4 recently finished (“open”) shifts. Payments are applied on a per coin basis, using your score on that coin vs the total pool score on that coin. Shifts are closed every hour, one minute after the hour. The pool fee is 2% and the current hashrate of the pool is already about 2150 MHS. You can set the minimum difficulty level starting from 16 and going up for each worker independently, so it is also a goo d place for low hashrate miners such as Nvidia-based GPUs or small Scrypt ASICs like the USD DualMiners.

We have been using the pool for a few days already and like the stability and ease of use, along with the useful extra features that it offers, including the direct sell for BTC from the pool with a slightly higher fee than if you move your coins to an exchange and sell them there (you can still do that if you wish). So we have said good-bye to Multipool and have switched to ScryptGuild completely for our main alternative profit based mining pool. And our backup pool for a while already is LTC Rabbit, though at the moment the extra altcoin bonus that this pool offers is rarely seen and most of the time we are mining LTC directly there instead of alt coins. Still good for a backup pool though as it is stable and runs reliably, so we would still recommend it as a good backup option. The combination between the two pools works like a charm for us, so we do recommend to try it out yourself if you still hasn’t done so.

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We have already mentioned a service called Crypto Shares that gives you the ability to buy shares earn dividends on them in various crypto related services and even some crypto exchanges. But another exchanged called MCXnow seems to have implemented this approach directly in their own system, you can buy the so called mcxFEE in that exchange that is essentially like a shares of the exchange. There are 100000 mcxFEE total out of which 50000 have been released to the public and are traded on the exchange so if you buy 1 mcxFEE you will receive 0.001% of all exchange fees MCXnow generates. The more of these you purchase, the more from the fees that the exchange collects will be credited to you and the more people trade there the more you will earn. Have in mind that this is a long term investment with a relatively low return rate as compared to what you will have to pay for obtaining 1 “share”, but as you probably will not be mining forever it is a wise idea to invest some of the mined coins into something that will bring you profit on the long term. You are going to be credited your share from the owned mcxFEE every 6 hours depending on the traded alternative cryptos and the collected fees you may receive different kind of cryptos and different amounts each time.


The crypto exchange MCXnow also offers another interesting feature that allows you to get more out of your available coins, including the ones you may earn from owning mcxFEE (shares from the exchange). Every 6 hours you will get credited an interest rate on all of your coins that are currently available for trade on the exchange, the interest rate can vary on different coins and can change in time based on how much of these are being traded currently. The reason for the change in the interest rate is that it is something that forms from the collected fees from trades, so the more trades with the coin, the more fees and the higher interest rate you can get. The interest rates you see on the image above are the ones for the last 6 hours and the percentage is an yearly interest rate, so every 6 hours when you get your interest rate it will be a much lower percentage compared to the yearly rate. So even if you don’t actively trade, but do deposit some coins in the exchange you will be earning some interest on top of your deposit. The good thing is that if you buy mcxFEE the interest rate can increase your profits even if you don’t deposit any coins, as the crypto coins you earn from by holding mcxFEE (shares of the exchange) will also get interest rate.

According to the official information published by MCXnow, they do have 31551 registered users at the moment and you can see between 5000 and 6000 people available on the exchange most of the time. The number of alternative crypto currencies is still not that big, but the exchange has the potential for serious growth, so if you decide to invest in it on the long run now may be the change to get into it by purchasing some mcxFEE (shares). The current price of 1 mcxFEE hovers around 0.24 BTC, so it does not come very cheap, but as we’ve already said this is a long term investment with potential for serious growth in what you could be earn in the not so distant feature. The exchange has been available for quite some time already, so it is not something that just popped up, but there is still risk involved in long term investment as the bright future of all crypto currencies is not so certain. We have already invested into 1 mcxFEE in order to try out how are thing moving there and will probably invest in few more soon if everything continues to run smoothly as it has for the moment. After some time we have decided to sell out 1 mcxFEE due to the constantly declining price of the shares and not so good profitability from the share we had.

Crypto Trade is another crypto currency exchange with similar approach, offering users to become shareholders in the exchange by buying shares that earn you percentage of the fees colected from trades executed. At the end of every month, 50% of the website’s net profits are going to be passed onto the public through dividend payments. There are apparently 25,000 shares and each share represents 0.002% of the exchange’s net profits. Currently the price of a single share is 0.195 BTC with over 5000 shares currenty being traded on the exchange. So if long terms investment in crypto currencies is your thing, then you might want to check this option as well.


If you think about URL shortening services, then probably you immediately think about or a similar generic service, however if you are into crypto currencies, then you should also know about CoinURL. This is an URL shortening service targeted at crypto currency users that not only will shorten your URL, but will also allow you to win some crypto coins by shortening URLs in the service and then sharing them through IM clients, posting on Forums or Facebook and so on and people click on them. When you click on a link that has been shortened at the service you will be briefly shown an advertisement that will most likely be something about crypto coins, before you are transferred to the page you should be visiting. If you shorten URLs and post them using this service you are essentially getting paid thanks to the ads that the people clicking on the links are seeing, so the more clicks you get, the more BTC you will earn from them.


Aside from the link shortening that it provides and the ability for normal users to win Bitcoins by shortening links and sharing them, the service also has useful features available for people that want to advertise to people interested in crypto currencies. The fact that the URL shortening is targeted to mostly crypto users makes it the perfect place to advertise your new alternative crypto currency that just launched, a crypto mining pool, cloud mining service, or a crypto related blog. Furthermore if you have a crypto coin related website or blog you may also publish crypto currency related ads provided by CoinURL and when people click on them you will also earn Bitcoins.

If you want to advertise something on you will need to deposit some BTC in your account on the website, then create your ad and pay for a number of impressions with the Bitcoins. There is a review process after you submit your ad that may take some time, our test show that sometimes it could take a day or two before your ad gets approved, but generally it should be faster. And the results from a few thousand impressions were pretty good, we promoted a bit this blog as a test for the service. So if you think that you can combine the usefulness of this URL shortening service with the chance to earn some extra cryptos, then we advice you to give it a go and try it out now.

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