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If you thought that recently announced Baikal Giant-N Cryptonight ASIC miner is powerful and is going to kill the Cryptonight GPU mining you might want to reconsider. Bitmain has just announced their response in the form of the Antminer X3 Cryptonight ASIC miner and it is much more powerful than what Baikal Miner is offering. The Bitmain Antminer X3 promises 220 KH/s hashrate for Cryptonight at 550 Watts of power usage, so 11 times more powerful than the Giant-N at roughly 2 times higher price and shipping the second part of May. By the time these devices start shipping Monero (XMR) will most likely not be mineable anymore with Cryptonight ASIC miners along with some other coins that have announced plans to fork in order to remain ASIC resistant, so all the extra hashpower will need to go somewhere else.

At a price of $11999 USD per device and limited to just 1 unit per order Bitmain is accepting only BCH and USD payments for the miners. The second batch of Antminer X3 is planned to start shipping a month later, so in the second part of June with a significantly lower price of $7599 USD, though who knows how many Cryptonight coins might fork to ASIC resistant implementation by then. Just to be on the safe side be careful with the Cryptonight ASICs from Baikal and form Bitmain in order not to end up with a piece of useless hardware that can hardly mine anything profitable, even with its very high performance.

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Baikal Miner has started selling their new Baikal Giant-N ASIC miner and it is the first Cryptonight and Cryptonight-light ASIC miner on the market, essentially taking away another algorithm from GPU miners. The Cryptonight algorithm was mostly in the domain of AMD GPUs as they were performing faster than Nvidia price/performance wise, but now that is about to end apparently. With 20 KH/s hashrate for Cryptonight and 40 KH/s for Cryptonight-lite at just 60 Watts of power usage any GPU feels out of date already, even AMD’s VEGA GPUs with just about 2 KH/s are not interesting for mining these algorithms anymore. So Monero (XMR) is going to become the next major ASIC only coin with the many Cryptonight-based alternatives following when the Giant-N miners start hitting the market, unless of course they fork to another algorithm.

The price of the new Baikal Giant-N ASIC miner is not listed on the website, but if you request a quote you will get a $3600 USD price with a minimum order quantity of 6 devices and the devices are apparently shipping already. It already seems that Monero (XMR) could be the first one to fork to a new version of the algorithm that will net be mineable by this new ASIC device and if others coins follow you may actually end up with an expensive piece of hardware that might not be very usable, so be careful if you are considering to buy one or more of these ASIC miners.

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All crypto miners know that the heat produced by their mining equipment is one of the biggest challenges they need to overcome in order to have problem free mining. The heat is essentially not used for anything and becomes a waste product, though some people manage to find clever uses for heating in the winter for example or other interesting ideas. It has however been a problem for a commercial solution to be available to both mine and properly utilize the excessive heat produced, up until now it seems. A french company called Qarnot is releasing what hey call the first crypto heater, a mining device that also doubles as a heater, so you can make heating a source of revenue and not an expense.

The Qarnot QC-1 is essentially a specially designed mining computer with two video cards and a large passive cooling solution, so it is silent while operating and also doubles as a heater with up to 650W capacity. Not to mention that the whole device looks nothing like a mining computer, it comes with great looking design and even includes some extra useful features. The only problem is what to do when you do not need heating like in the summer for example, well you will need to figure this out as with mining it is not seasonal. Still the company apparently has previous experience with their QH-1 design that combines a heater and a high performance computing server, though a crypto miner makes much more sense.

Qarnot QC-1 Technical Specifications:
– Computing 2 GPU: NITRO+ RADEON RX 580 8G, 60 MHS
– Dimensions: 65×62.5×15 cm
– Power: 650W in total (450W in mining mode + 200 in booster mode)
– Weight: 27 kg
– Materials: Wood, Anodized aluminium
– Noise: 0 dB
– Connections: 110/230V AC, RJ45 Ethernet
– Interfaces: Capacitive touch, Mobile app, Web app
– Communication: Ethernet
– Github: Temperature and LED management

Qarnot are currently taking pre-orders for their mining/heating device and if you book your QC-1 before March 20th it should be delivered before June 20th according to the company… right in time for the summer heat, not for the winter cold. The price of the Qarnot QC-1 is currently 2900 EURO without the shipping and you can pay only with either PayPal or a bank card, no crypto currencies are being accepted.

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