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Now 3 days of testing the automated trading bot Butterbot have passed and in the last 24 hours the bot has done another trade, selling our 0.030 BTC in the BTC-e exchange when the exchange rate BTC/USD started to drop down. As a result our BTC-e account currently holds 25.2104 USD and the bot is waiting for signs for rise in the exchange rate, so that it can purchase BTC again. At this point in time, after the bot making two trades on the BTC-e exchange automatically we can calculate that we have made a few cents profit with the current exchange rate. Meanwhile we have already started to get a hand of the settings and are trying to get better results than with the recommended startup settings we’ve got.


We have also decided to extend the testing on the MtGox exchange as well, so we’ve sent 0.04 BTC in our account there and set the recommended startup trading settings for that exchange to see how things will progress there. So far the bot has not yet executed a single trade on the MtGox exchange. But we are going to see how things will progress on that BTC exchange as well, so stay tuned for more reports on our testing of the Butterbot automated Bitcoin trading bot.

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The second day of our testing of the automated Bitcoin trading bot Butterbot is now over and while in the last 24 hours there was a bit more movement on the BTC-e exchange that we are testing the bot on, still Butterbot hasn’t executed even a single trade. Our balance remains the same as yesterday, 0.030 BTC + 1.48 USD. Hopefully we are going to see more happening in the next day and the bot might actually do some trades and generate a profit, so stay tuned for our next report in 24 hours after another day passes.

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The last 24 hours we tested mining Protoshares at the 1GH PTS mining pool using their GPU miner along with a single AMD R9 Radeon 280X graphics card to see what we can expect in terms of mined PTS and check the profitability if PTS mining with GPU versus LTC mining with GPU. With the difficulty of the Litecoin going back higher and the increase of the price of the Protoshares lately with the boom of GPU mining it is interesting to see what is more profitable to mine with your graphics cards.

The current Litecoin difficulty of 3300 ensures that with a single graphics card such as the Radeon 280X that we’ve used you are going to be mining about 0.2195 LTC per day. That is the earnings if you are directly mining LTC and not mining alternative cryptos that you then trade for LTC giving you higher profit.

The two CPUs we’ve used for mining are:
– AMD R9 Radeon 280X graphics card running at 1050/1500 clocks

The 1GH pool we used for PTS mining has:
– 3.5% fee

The total earnings for 24 hour period (confirmed + unconfirmed):
– 0.5229 PTS

The value of the Protoshares mined for 24 hours is as follows:
– 0.00799201 BTC
– 0.29450000 LTC
– ~$6.46 USD

So while there is not much point in mining Protoshares (PTS) with CPU anymore, there is a good point in mining for Protoshares instead of directly mining for Litecoin as this will give you slightly higher profitability if you exchange the mined PTS for LTC. Judging from our results you cans ay that at the moment GPU mining Protoshares you can earn about 34% more than mining with the same graphics hardware for Litecoins. So if you are interested in PTS mining, we do recommend you to give it a try at the 1GH PTS pool with a single GPU to see if you are going to be happy with the result you will get.