Pumps and Dumps in the crypto world are something we are often seeing happening only only with more established and popular coins, but also with crypto coins that you may not have even heard of. We are not big fans of actions like these as they are used to help some people make even more money out of unsuspecting users. Normally regular users have absolutely no idea when and what a pump and dump may happen, so they can hardly profit from them, but what if you can join and make some profit as well? Here comes CoinData, a cliometric based trading tool that tracks trading volumes on the exchanges and helps you signal when a pump and dump might happen. With it you can see the whales’ trading intentions through the volume they trade: buy / sell walls appearing / disappearing, preparing to pump or dump the actual coin you trade.

You can track trading volumes or crypto coins or buy walls appearing manually, but tracking even a few of the top coins on a single exchange might be hard enough, let alone doing it for all and on multiple exchanges. That is where CoinData comes with help by giving you up to date information on all coins traded on Poloniex and Bittrex (for the moment) and giving you signals when a coin is probably going to be pumped up or dumped, so you can make the right move and buy or sell. The service also reports on when a buy wall appears as this is usually a sign that a pump can soon be happening, making the coin interesting to monitor. To make things easier you even get real time notifications to help you keep track of what is happening when you are not watching the tables with trading data.

Do note that the service provided by CoinData is not available for free, there is a subscription fee that you need to pay in order to access real time data. There is a 1 day and 10 days trials available to try out the service as well as 30 days and 60 days regular subscription available should you decide to keep using the service after you try it out. We are currently testing it and so far our initial results are more positive than negative. Be wary that some of the signals you get may not turn out to be real pump and dump and sometimes you might still end up losing instead of winning by getting into the game, so be careful should you decide to get in with larger sums. On the other hand if you trade with too little coins, then the subscription fee you pay for the service might not be worth it if you are unable to profit enough to even cover it.

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It seems that there is a new significantly more powerful X11 ASIC miner being prepared to be unleashed, a device offering 10.8 GHS X11 mining hashrate for Dash or other crypto currencies using the same algorithm. The iBelink DM11G is apparently the successor of the iBeLink DM384M X11 ASIC Miner that we have tested last year. There is still not much information regarding the new device, although there is a group buy apparently being arranged on Bitcointalk for $6750 USD with minimum order of 1 unit as well as a Russian company Bitbaza taking pre-orders for the device at $7500 USD with a minimum order of 10 units.

The new 10.8 GHS iBelink DM11G miner does seem a lot like the first generation from last year and we cannot confirm its existence yet, though there are some photos and a video of the device in action apparently. We had some doubts when we got some information about the iBeLink DM384M last time, but then again when we have purchased one unit it turned out real and delivered what was promised. So threat this information with caution for the moment, but also be aware that this product might be hitting the market in a couple of months (3 months for shipments to start). Do note that also getting in early with a so powerful hardware can make it easy and fast to get ROI on the investment, but if the manufacturer of the device manages to put out a lot of units the profitability can also quickly diminish in a matter of a month or two. Other competitors in the X11 market might also soon release updated products to match the hashrate of this device as well, especially with the 3 month shipping time for the iBelink.

Specifications of iBelink DM11G:
– Hash Rate: 10.8GH/s ±5%
– Power Consumption: 730 W (at the wall, with 25 °C ambient temp)
– Power Efficiency: 0.07 W/MH (at the wall, with 25 °C ambient temp)
– Number of TNB0303-FL28 chips per unit: 64
– Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C
– Network Connection: Ethernet
– Power Supply: 110V to 240V, 50Hz/60Hz, PSU 850W included
– Dimensions: 490mm(L)*350mm(W)*180mm(H)
– Weight: 22 kg

In the world of crypto currencies ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are a way for many new startup projects to get funding, the problem however is that there have been quite a few of these in the past that did not end up well. There are still some ICOs that are looking suspicious or are screaming Scam all over the place, so you need to be extra careful should you decide to invest into such a project. Here comes ICOindex, a simple and easy to use platform that enables you to find all ongoing and upcoming ICOs, so you can do your research and decide if you find something interesting or not. The website also tracks suspicious ICOs that you should treat with extra caution as well as ones that are looking like scams and you should avoid wasting your money on.

We are not that big fans of ICOs in the crypto world, though we have taken part in some ourselves and will probably continue doing so in the future as well. Doing a proper research and avoiding projects that raise suspicion and have not produced anything yet, but only give you big promises is usually a wise idea. Investing in an initial coin offering may give you satisfaction from being a part of the success of a good project and can also make you some nice profit, but it is also risky form of investment, so be careful not to invest more than you can afford to loose. So a resource such as the ICOindex website might be useful starting point in giving you up do date information and some pointers, but you should still do your own analysis as well.

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