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BitMain and their 55nm BM1380 SHA256 ASIC chip and the miners that the company has released based on it are quite popular and now the company has announced that they are ready with their new 28nm ASIC chip – the BM1382. As you can already guess the new chips will be offering higher performance at a lower power consumption, so you can get more powerful miners with the same size and power usage as the previous generation with the help of the new chips. The track record of the company is so far very good thanks to the fact that they are not using pre-orders, but ship from stock and announce products when they are ready for shipping, so you can get them fast at a good price and start hashing right away.

BM1382 has achieved 15.75 Gh/s in hash performance, consuming less than 9.33 W on chip level at 0.75V. This means 0.59 J/GH on chip. If the core voltage is at 0.63V, the efficiency will be 0.40 J/GH on chip. BM1382 will bring the power efficiency of Bitcoin mining industry to a new level which has not been massively achieved before. BM1382 represents a 20% power saving on its previous generation of 55nm chips and nearly 10 times of better physical densification, which will further improve the safety of the decentralized ecosystem.

BitMain BM1382 chip specifications:

– Process Node: 28nm
– Package Type: FCQFN-56
– Packaged Chip Size: 8mm x 8mm
– Number of Cores: 63
– Core Voltage: 0.75 V
– Core Frequency: 250 MHz
– Hash Rate: 15.75 GH/s
– Power Consumption: 0.59 J/GH (chip level, and it can be lower to 0.40J/GH by lowering the core voltage)


The first devices that we already expect to be available, probably by the end of this month, from BitMain based on the new BM1382 ASIC chips will be the AntMiner S3 miners. Devices, that will follow the design of the very popular AntMiner S1 blade miner. According to BitMain each S3 should be using 32 BM1382 chips and be able to provide a hashrate of 504 GHS with a power consumption of about 390W from the wall. So this is close to almost 3 times the hashrate of the old S1 with pretty much the same power consumption, not bad at all, but we also need to see this coupled with an attractive price. The new S3 miners have the potential to become a great option for smaller miners that want to be able to mine Bitcoin or other SHA-256 crypto currencies.

AntMner S3 Specifications:

– Effective Hash Rate: 504 GH/s±5%
– Power Consumption: 390 W on wall
– Power Supply: 4 +12V DC input, PCI-e connectors
– Power Efficiency: 0.77 J/GH on wall
– Size: 331 mm x 137 mm x 160 mm (Dual blades assembled inside a box, including the fans)
– Fans: Two 14038 fans mounted on both front and back ends.)
– Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 35 °C
– Complied with: FCC / CE
– Network Connection: Ethernet

We don’t know what the exact price will be, but considering that the company is able to offer 1 THS miner based on the 55nm older chips for a price of $1850 USD at the moment, the half of that hashrate and smaller and easier to produce new AntMiner S3 ASIC miners should be not more than lets say $750 USD, but that is actually a bit expensive. They need to be sold at a price of about 1 BTC or even less in order to become really more interesting for the users and to offer a foreseeable return of investment and some profit for the miners.


The company Mining ASICs Technologies is a fairly new one started early this year, and they came in with some strong promises, so there were a lot of concerns about them initially. Ralph from Bitcoinupdate has just visited the company’s office and met with Marc Coumans, the CEO of the company. He has also published some photos of his visit and additional information that you might find interesting, just follow the link below for more information.

Lately they have been releasing a lot of updates on their Bitcoin mining hardware by showing a prototype of a Titanium 3THS SHA-256 ASIC miner. Just a few days ago the company has also announced they have finished the tape put of their Scrypt ASIC chips, meaning that they are ready for production. So the initially promised shipping of actual ASIC miners in Q3 may seem possible now. Or at least now the company seems more legit.

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CoinTerra, a company making Bitcoin ASIC miners, has announced their new service for cloud mining as an alternative to the mining hardware they are making and selling to customers. With available plans ranging from 200 GHS to over 1 PHS, CoinTerra certainly is making some bold claims, especially adding the fact that they promise immediate deployment of the purchased hardware. The interesting thing here is that this is the first hardware manufacturer of ASIC devices to launch their own data center and offer cloud mining services with their own hardware. Other ASIC makers such as Zeus and KnC have also announced their plans, however they have not yet launched similar services offering users the ability to purchase hashrate directly from them.


In theory purchasing cloud mining hashrate directly from the hardware manufacturer should provide users with the best possible prices, however that may not always be true. A real world example shows that with the lowest available contact for 200 GHS of hashrate currently being sold for $999 USD you will be paying about 0.0115 BTC per GHS for 1 year contract this is not the cheapest price you can get comparing to other available services. Of course going for higher hashrate such as 2 THS will make the price per GHS more attractive at 0.0092 BTC which is still higher as compared to CexIO where you can currently get 1 GHS at about 0.0069 BTC. To achieve a similar price you would need to go for at least 1 Petahash at CoinTerra, though if you go for 2 year contracts the price you get for the second year is better and if you compare the prices to Cloud Hashing they do look much better.


Currently the company sells their TerraMiner IV 1.6 THS Bitcoin Miner for $3499 USD or less than two times cheaper compared to the 2 THS cloud mining plan they have available for 1 year priced at $7999 USD. And there is another thing that is not very clearly defined is if there will be a maintenance fee for the cloud mining hashrate you are going to be purchasing. There is a brief mention of 5% combined fee (including maintenance) in the formula that is being used to calculate your Bitcoin earnings in the CoinTerra Mining Sales Agreement. The maintenance fee is not uncommon for cloud mining services, but with the fee subtracted from our mined earnings and these prices we can easily say that there are already better priced and proven alternatives than CoinTerraMining that not only are offering better price per GHS, but are already well established and trusted and make it much easier for the users to monitor, control and even withdraw earnings as soon as a block is mined and confirmed. In short, good job for CoinTerra to come out with such a service first among ASIC manufacturers, but the initial terms, prices and functionality they are offering does not make the service so much attractive as you would expect.

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