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It has been a while since Genesis Mining has lowered their Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate prices, the last time was early this year when they also lowered the maintenance fees . This time they have lowered the prices slightly without apparently announcing the fact like they usually do and we have just discovered that, though we are not sure when this has actually happened. The new prices are as follows: 50 GHS are available for $22.49 USD ($0.45 per GH/s), 1000 GHS for $419 USD ($0.42 per GH/s) and 15000 GHS for $5850 USD ($0.39 per GH/s) which is roughly between about 8% and 13% down from the previous prices with the maintenance fee remaining at $0.0015 USD per GHS per day. While these prices might not be the lowest out there in the cloud mining industry at least you will be investing in a reliable company that has been out there for quite a while already, so your long term investment should be much safer than if investing in a risky new business that turns out to be a scam. You can also use our special promo code – CryptoMiningBlog5 that will give you an extra 5% discount on the regular prices for every purchase at Genesis Mining, so you can get even better prices.

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The GigaHash Bitcoin cloud mining service that we have started testing about a month ago has recently sold out their GHASH2 batch of 50 THS hashrate bringing the total Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate sold to customers to 150 THS. Since they are waiting for another 60 THS worth of mining hardware to expand the mining farm to 210 THS they have just added a pre-order option for the new hardware consisting of 52 units of Bitmain AntMiner S5 devices that are expected to be available and running before June 9th. The pre-order price is currently set at 0.00152500 BTC or about $0.36 USD per GHS for the upcoming hashrate (maintenance fee is $0.00117 USD per GHS) and you can already order. Do note that the GHASH2 batch 2 Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate will not start mining for you immediately, it should when the hardware arrives in about two weeks from now! So far we are quite happy with the performance, reliability and profitability of the service, so we do plan to invest some more into hashrate with the upcoming new mining hardware.

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Mining Sweden is a relatively new Bitcoin cloud mining company that has apparently been started earlier this year and as the name implies it is based in Sweden, a still smaller mining operation that wants to expand further. The approach that the service has is a bit different as compared to most other cloud mining operations by offering shares and they want to be transparent and open to users regarding their mining operations. The company has published numerous photos and some videos of their mining operation as well as other proofs of the mining hardware they rely on which is supplied from Bitmain and Spondoolies Tech apparently. They have started with a smaller mining farm with the idea to increase the size also looking for help from users and offering to share their profits with people that decide to believe in them and invest. So far the service does look interesting and quite promising based on our first impressions and we have decided to give it a try…


As a customer, instead of buying hashrate directly, you are buying it the form of shares and you have two different options available. One is mining shares where 1 Mining Share is equal to 1 GH SHA-256 hashrate for a price of $0.69 USD and the price includes all fees for 12 months. The second option is in the form of VIP shares that are limited in number (100,000 Shares total) available at a price of $8.79 USD and for that price you get 5 GHS per share and a share of the company’s profits. The idea of the VIP shares that are a bit more expensive than mining only shares is that you actually become a kind of investor in the company – you help them increase the mining power and you get extra profit in return. So miners interested in faster ROI can get Mining Shares and more serious investors interested in longer term investment can go for the VIP Shares.

As usual we are starting with a smaller investment as with other cloud mining companies that we are testing, so we have decided to purchase 100 GHS worth of shares in hashrate and go for the VIP shares, though we will most likely also invest in some Mining Shares only at a later time if things are looking good. Mining Sweden supports payments with PayPal and Bitcoin, Litecoin, Paycoin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin, Feathercoin or Vertcoin in the form of crypto currencies. We have even found a working discount code for the service that will provide you with an extra 10% discount from the regular prices – just enter ms10 during checkout, so you can take advantage from it as long as it lasts. The usual word of warning for cloud mining services also goes here – do not start big and don’t invest more than you can afford to loose.

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