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Brave has announced that now Twitch streamers can also start to earn revenue in connection with the Brave browser and the Basic Attention Token (BAT). Brave has seen strong growth of new users and creators (including thousands of YouTube channels) after recent announcements and now it seems that it is time for Twitch streamers to join in with a new way to get supported by their viewers. For those new to Brave, it is a faster, more private browser that also includes Brave Payments, a built-in method of supporting content creators. The Brave browser is integrated with the Basic Attention Token (BAT) using the Brave Payments feature, so that audience members can give to support their favorite publishers, YouTube creators, and Twitch streamers using the crypto tokens.

The Brave browser lists the viewed Twitch channels in the Payments list, so that fans can donate tokens every month. Twitch streamers simply register as Brave Publishers to start receiving BAT contributions from Brave users. Twitch streamers can register their channel alongside other properties they may have (Web site, YouTube channel) as part of Brave‚Äôs multi-property support. Brave uses the API to authenticate Twitch channels, after the streamer’s email is confirmed by the system. Once the verification process is complete and the streamer opens an account with Uphold, they can start receiving BAT contributions every 30 days.

To give the Brave browser a try and to check out the Brave Payments feature…

We have been following the new Brave browser that promises to give you better and safer browsing experience by blocking ads and trackers and revolutionize the way people support their favorite websites and Youtubers. We have been following the development of the browser and the evolution of the Brave Payments for quite a while now and this blog has been a verified Brave publisher for almost a year now.

Unfortunately based on our experience it seems that Brave does need a lot of work in making their Brave Payments feature really usable and the tokens available in the hands of many people in order for them to use them. It is not that the company hasn’t been trying to do so, it just seems that there is much more work still left to do based on our own experience. For almost a year being part of the Brave movement we have received a staggering 2.07 BAT tokens as contribution form our readers, something we are thankful for, but at less than a dollar value total it is hardly something that can help us remove traditional ads for now…

The latest effort by Brave to promote their browser is targeted at content creators such as us that can promote the Brave browser to their readers and possibly get some more tokens in return if the users keep using the software. So if you have not yet tried the Brave browser you might want to give it a go and if you like it (it is free after all and works very well) you may also support us this way.

To give the Brave browser a try and to check out the Brave Payments feature…

It seems that the craze running among website owners embedding the Coin Hive Web Miner for Monero (XMR) and not telling their visitors about it or letting them control the mining is growing. As a result a lot of people are noticing increased load and their computers starting to lag and getting unresponsive and having trouble locating the particular website that is causing the issue or just not that advanced to do it. The good news is that you can easily stop the miner from running without having to top using any of the websites you visit that might have embedded the code, you just need to block a specific JavaScript URL in your ad blocker software (if you are using one in your browser).

The URL in question you need to block is this one:

On a side note, if you are using an ad blocker like Adblock Plus please disable it on our website as this would allow us to continue giving you up to date and useful information regarding crypto currencies. Ads are what helps us develop further and grow and we would be grateful if you do not ignore that when visiting us, but instead help us by not disabling the ads being shown here with the help of an ad blocker. Users of the Brave browser can also support us using the Brave Browser’s Brave Payments and you can also find our Bitcoin (BTC) donation address at the bottom of each page.