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An increasing number of people see Bitcoin’s disruptive power every day. If Bitcoin technology is about a rupture in the old centralized database model to a new decentralized database model – where third party interference is not possible – Ethereum’s technology (Blockchain 2.0) can go even further.

Ethereum enables you to create any software/app in a decentralized way, where downtimes, censoring, and arbitrariness are not possible. Metaphorically speaking, if Bitcoin will replace credit cards and money remittance companies, Ethereum will replace entities that provide support to today’s contracts, like notary public offices, who solely exist for this purpose.

The Ethereum technology platform development gets faster every day. A few weeks ago, Augur crowdfunding raised over $5 million, becoming one of the most funded Ethereum companies in the world. Additionally, Mist wallet was launched, which will enable you to store your Ethers and make smart-contracts as well.

Ethereum has already proven to be a highly profitable project for investors. Those who invested in early Ethers’ crowdsales – currency used for payments in Ethereum code – made up to 10x their investment’s value.

This technology’s early investors have everything to gain. That is why created #EMBS – Ethereum Mining Backed Security Fund.

What is the Ether Mining Backed Security?
Ether Mining Backed Security (EMBS) was created by BnktToTheFuture as a niche investment product for investors that want to invest in Ether cryptocurrency. It is an investment product that combines daily income denominated in Ether with the potential for high return capital growth. It utilizes new alternative financial innovations like mining and cryptocurrency (Ether) to create an expected high risk, high return investment opportunity.

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The last few days the exchange rate of Bitcoin (BTC) has been steadily going up and today it has surpassed the $270 USD mark and that may not be the highest point it may reach this time. So you might want to keep a closer look at how things progress, though unfortunately it seems that the peak in price of BTC is not affecting much other coins as Litecoin this time. LTC has been keeping a steady exchange rate for a while now at a little above $3 USD. The exchange rate for ETH/BTC is going down, but due to the increase of the price per BTC the USD/EUR rate for Ethereum is still keeping relatively stable, but low level. This market situation is resulting in miners looking for some alternative coins to try mining and maybe get a better profit instead of the more established or popular ones in the last few days. The results is clearly seen in some altcoins having temporary spikes like DGB or GeoCoin among others, so you might want to keep an eye on the altcoin market for other not so popular names as well.


Finally there is work being done on an official GUI wallet for Ethereum that is curiously hosted in the Ethereum Mist Dapp Browser GitHub repository. Do note that this is a beta release that although functional could have some issues and is some advanced functionality is still not implemented, but the idea in this release is to get user feedback and to find any bugs. This is an official Ethereum GUI wallet that currently works along a Geth client as a backend, but should also be compatible with the Eth as well. The Mac and Windows 64-bit releases come bundled with Geth node and if you are not using it already it will need to synchronize the blockchain at the first start, otherwise it should tap to the already downloaded blockchain (already over 1.7 GB size) and work with any wallets available (backing the keys first is recommended). For other binary releases you would need to have the Geth (or Eth) client already running and then launch the Wallet GUI in order for it to work. Again, since this is a beta software it is best if you try it out on a system where you do not have a working Ethereum client installed in order to avoid any possible issues.

Another interesting development around Ethereum lately is apparently the start of adoption of Stratum support, there is the Stratum-Proxy for Ethereum project supported by Dwarfpool as well as the news that EthPool is working on a stratum enabled fork of Ethminer called qtminer that will be supported on their mining pool, but may get adopted by other pools. The current getwork implementation by Ethereum is not very practical and effective as compared to the Stratum implementation that is currently the standard for communication between pools and miners.

To download an test the new official Ethereum GUI Wallet 0.3.2 (Beta 2)…