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The Bitcoin cloud mining service provider Genesis Mining has just announced that they are going to be decreasing the maintenance fees from the current $0.0015 USD to $0.0012 USD per GHS per day for purchases starting today (September 16th). The reduction of the maintenance fees for newly purchased cloud mining hashrate is due to recent improvements in the hardware and infrastructure and according to the company this represents an increase in payouts of over 60% at the current Bitcoin price and difficulty. If you use our special discount code you will also get 5% discount off the regular price for the Lifetime cloud mining contracts, so you can get even better deal for the price per GHS – all you have to do is to enter the promo code CryptoMiningBlog5 during the checkout procedure when you order hashrate.

You can get more information about the cloud mining services offered by Genesis Mining here…


The Bitcoin cloud mining company Genesis Mining has launched an interesting project called Life Inside a Bitcoin Mine that shows live video feeds from one of the company’s mining farms located in Iceland. The website currently has 3 different streaming webcams that you can check from inside the Iceland Bitcoin mining farm as well as some additional information and other interesting videos. Watching at the live streams from the Bitcoin farm you may quickly get that it is not very fun being inside a mining farm as nothing much is actually happening most of the time when everything is working just fine.

As many people don’t know how a mining farm looks and operates, we wanted to give everybody a clear idea about it and provide livestreams of a mining farm from Genesis Mining. Coupled with new, ongoing promotional events, we hope to make this a nice entertainment channel.

To check out the Life Inside a Bitcoin Mine website and the live streaming video feeds…


Some more Bitcoin and crypto currency oriented businesses have announced that they will not be applying for BitLicense and thus will stop offering their services to residents of the state of New York. These companies include the Bitcoin cloud mining service Genesis Mining:

Genesis Mining will not be able to comply with the regulations set forth by the proposed BitLicense and as such, we will no longer be able to accept customers from the state of New York. All current customers will be able to continue their services, but going forward, no one with an IP address from the state of New York will be able to purchase hashpower contracts with us.

Then there is also the LocalBitcoins, a service that connects people willing to sell and buy Bitcoins all over the world. Interestingly enough at the same time one of the biggest online Bitcoin wallet providers and payment processor service Coinbase has announced they will be applying for BitLicense. Applying for a BitLicense has two sides, one regarding the process itself that seems to be long and costly endeavor for the companies, and the other is the concern regarding the customer’s privacy and how it will be affected after a company complies with the BitLicense regulations.