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This is the kind of a promotion that crypto miners will definitely like in time for the Black Friday – pools with zero fees and 5% bonus on the coins mined and Suprnova has just that – some pools that are offering you just that for today. The promotion runs for the following pools: DASH, DCR, EXP, LBRY, ZEC, ZCL, so if you are mining any of these coins you might want to do it at the Suprnova pool and get the Black Friday bonuses.

Links to the Pools with the Promotion:
DASH Mining Pool at Suprnova
Decred Mining Pool at Suprnova
Expanse Mining Pool at Suprnova
Library Mining Pool at Suprnova
Zcash Mining Pool at Suprnova
Zclassic Mining Pool at Suprnova
Zdash Mining Pool at Suprnova


After the announcement of the first HODL mining pool there was a centralization of most of the network hashrate in that pool as many people moved away from solo mining. Now we have a second HOdlcoin mining pool from Suprnova available, so you can move your hashrate there in order to balance out the hashrate distribution among the two pools and with the solo miners things should be safer for the HODL network. Of course having a few more pools won’t hurt either, but even with two mining pools things are significantly better than with just one, so this is definitely a move in the right direction.

In order to mine HODL with the new Suprnova pool you can use the same dedicated hodlminer CPU miner (source) available for download below in the form of a Windows binary. If this is the first time you are hearing about HOdlcoin (HODL) you might want to get to know about the altcoin a bit more as it has an interesting idea and bonuses for early adopters. Also the new Suprnova pool has a fee of just 1% as compared to the fee of 2% for the Blockquarry Hodl Pool, so this can also be a reason enough for some miners to switch and try the new pool. Do note that the Suprnova HODL pool was just launched, so there might be some things that need to be fixed, though it seems that the mining part is working just fine already.

To download and try the hodlminer CPU miner for pool mining HODL coins on Windows…


It seems that there is new wave of Ethereum Ether (ETH) mining pools, but the good news is that the next new pool is not operated by some unknown entity, but is instead launched by Suprnova. This means a familiar interface for miners that requires registration, but if you already have one for any of the other Supernova pools you can also use it for their Ethereum pool as well. And while the new Ethereum Supernova pool is still in live beta as it is still being worked on, you can expect good quality of service and reliability, as well as response to possible issues. So definitely a place you might want to check for your Ethereum mining pool needs. The Suprnova Ethereum mining pool allows for automatic and manual request of payouts at any time provided that you have a balance of minimum 0.01 ETH and there is a 0.001 ETH transaction fee applied to payouts, the pool fee is 1%.

Getting started with Suprnova:
ethminer -G -F

The above command line is an example you can use to get started mining with ethminer at Supernova, you just need to replace the example yourworker.1 with your own worker and the default hashrate value of 20 (suitable for a single high-end GPU such as Radeon 280X) to the respective hashrate of your mining rig and you are ready to go (registration is required for the pool and you need to create workers if you don’t already have). The above example is for mining using the OpenCL version of ethminer, for using the CUDA fork you need to replace the parameter -G with -U and you should be ready to go. If you are new to Ethereum you might want to first check out our Quick Guide on How to Mine Ethereum on Windows as a good starting point.

To check out the new Ethereum mining pool at Suprnova that was just launched…