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Here comes another interesting update of the ccMiner fork by tpruvot with a new Windows binary we have compiled from the latest ccMiner 1.8-dev (source) that comes with support for the new X11 Evo algorithm. The Windows binary is built from the Linux branch and is a 32-bit one compiled with CUDA 6.5 and with support for Compute 2.0 or newer Nvidia GPUs. Our quick test has shown pretty good performance from the ccMiner with X11 Evo support as compared to the sgminer fork for the X11 Evo algorithm supplied by the Revolvercoin (XRE) team, so Nvidia miners will have a serious advantage at the moment. While you can get about 2-3 MHS on a 280X 290X using the sgminer fork, with this release of ccMiner you can expect to see over 7 MHS on GTX 970 or over 10 MHS on a GTX 980 Ti, so significantly faster hashrate on Nvidia GPUs for the moment. So Nvidia miners might be interested in checking out the new Revolvercoin (XRE) altcoin as it is currently the only one that uses the X11 Evo algorithm and if you have some issue with X11evo support please report it…

To download the latest ccMiner version 1.8-dev by tpruvot with X11 Evo support for Windows OS…


Here comes another interesting update of ccMiner from tpruvot with a new Windows binary of the latest ccMiner 1.8-dev (source) that comes with Compute 6 (SM 6.0) and CUDA 8.0 support in time for the availability of the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 and 1070 GPUs. The release below includes two versions of ccMiner, one is 32-bit binary for Windows that is compiled with CUDA 8.0 and with support for Compute 2.0 or newer Nvidia GPUs, and another that is 64-bit Windows binary compiled with CUDA 8.0 for Compute 5.0 or newer Nvidia GPUs. In order to use the new ccMiner with CUDA 8.0 you will have to use video drivers 362 or newer that do come with support for CUDA 8.0, so if you have not updated yet you might want to do so now. We have not done any tests to see if the new CUDA 8.0 will bring better performance or not as we still don’t have access to the new Nvidia Pascal GPUs, but as soon manage to get our hands on the new hardware we are going to be doing some testing of GTX 1080 and 1070 with ccMiner.

To download the latest ccMiner version 1.8-dev by tpruvot for GTX 1080 and 1070 for Windows OS…


Alexis Provos has updated his fork of ccMiner (source) with improved performance for mining Vcash and Decred Blake256-based crypto coins and we have compiled a Windows binary to try it out. His latest release brings the same performance or even a slightly higher for Vcash (former Vanillacoin) as the specially optimized CUDA 6.5 Compute 3.5 release of ccMiner using the latest CUDA 7.5 and the Compute version supported by the specific GPU you have. The Decred (DCR) hashrate is also higher when compared to the latest tpruvot release that includes the optimizations submitted by pallas. Below you can find a quick comparison of the hashrate you can expect from this release on GTX 980 Ti, the archive below includes a 32-bit and 64-bit binaries compiled with CUDA 7.5 and VS2013 for Compute 2.0 – Compute 5.2 GPUs, though we have not tested how it handles on older GPUs.

Do note that the focus of the ccMiner fork from Alexis Provos is on the Blake256 algorithms and most specifically on Vcash and his release brings support for very few algorithms. There are some optimizations available for the other supported algorithms as well, so you might want to compare them as well in terms of performance. It is not a full ccMiner fork with support for all of the algorithms available in other releases, so with this one you can mine only the following algorithms:

– blake for Blake256-14rounds (SFR)
– decred for Blake256-14rounds (DCR)
– blakecoin for Blake256-8rounds (BLC)
– vcash for Blake256-8rounds (XVC)
– whirlpoolx for WhirlpoolX (old VNL algo)
– keccak for keccak256 (Maxcoin)
– lyra2 for LyraBar
– lyra2v2 for VertCoin

Since this fork is not based on the latest code by tpruvot there might be some bugs that have been resolved in the newer codebase of tpruvot’s ccMiner. We have observed something strange already, namely the very fast increase of the difficulty to a very high level on the Suprnova pool for Decred using Stratum over getwork, though it works just fine on YIIMP. In the end the difficulty issue appeared to be temporary and apparently something poolside and not related to the miner itself. Below you can find some performance comparison results using an Nvidia GTX 980 Ti GPU:

This release with GTX 980 Ti intensity 31 Decred, 30 Vcash
Vcash – 4453 MHS
Decred – 2394 MHS

1.7.4 alexis78 release Compute 3.5 CUDA 6.5
Vcash – 4418 MHS

Latest 1.7.6-git tpruvot with Pallas tweaks
Decred – 2218 MHS

To download the latest ccMiner version 1.7.1-git by alexis78 with improved performance for Windows OS…