New Faster NebuTech BTMiner 7.0 for Bytom (BTM) Available

3 Aug

The newest just released update to version 7.0 of the NebuTech BTMiner Nvidia GPU miner for mining Bytom (BTM) is available with improved hashrate with up to about 20% depending on your GPU and settings as well as some stability improvements, so definitely worth upgrading now. The full changelog of the new NebuTech BTMiner 7.0 is available below, but the performance and stability updates are the most important ones anyway.

NebuTech BTMiner 7.0 Changelog:
– Improved hashrate ~20%.
– Option to output long-format datetime strings.
– Option to output log to file.
– Removed -M option.
– Improved stability.

To download the latest NebuTech BTMiner Bytom Nvidia GPU Miner v7.0 for Windows/Linux…

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1 Response to New Faster NebuTech BTMiner 7.0 for Bytom (BTM) Available


August 6th, 2018 at 04:32

This coin is severely premined-like with spendable genesis block, highly centralized by Chinese exchanges, and make us getting only viciously mysterious vibe of Tensor algo so called,but actually is nothing about Advanced AI, my best guess is ,when they sold out those block rewards,the coin maybe delist from those Chinese exchanges.

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