Hive OS 2.0 Public Testing Before Going Live

11 Aug

Hive OS 2.0 is coming soon and it will apparently replace the existing first version of the Linux-based GPU mining platform HiveOS. Although the changes are mostly on the web-based front end, so the Linux OS on the rig is not going to need to be necessarily changed initially, although updates with new features to that will probably follow as well. All user accounts are going to be migrated automatically, in fact you can use your existing Hive OS account to login in the Hive OS 2.0 public test website, but after the migration happens any changes in it will be wiped out with the data from your old Hive OS 1 account. Migration will happen in a couple of days, though no exact date has been announced yet.

If you want to move a mining rig to the Hive OS 2.0 to test it then you will need to update the Hive host url to the one of the public beta, you can easily do that by running the following command on the mining rig:
sed -i 's/^HIVE_HOST_URL=.*/' /hive-config/rig.conf && hell

To switch back to the original Hive the command is this one:
sed -i 's/^HIVE_HOST_URL=.*/' /hive-config/rig.conf && hello

We also have a special promo fro everyone interested in trying out the Hive OS, a bonus code that will give you $10 USD in your account when you register, the code you need to enter it this one: CMB10USDPROMO. Again, we remind you that the service is free for up to 3 mining rigs, so there is no need to pay anything to just give it a try, but also getting some extra bonus won’t hurt either if you like it and decide to use it.

Here you can login and check the new Hive 2.0 public test version if you are interested…

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