New NebuTech BTMiner 9.0 for Bytom (BTM) With Improved Hashrate

28 Aug

One more update for the NebuTech BTMiner Nvidia GPU miner to version 9.0 for mining Bytom (BTM) that brings significant performance improvement by increasing the hashrate provided by the miner with about 30% over the previous version 8.0 released earlier this month. This is a very significant performance improvement and it comes along with additional stability improvements to the miner, so if you are mining Bytom (BTM) with your NVidia GPU mining rigs you must definitely update ot the latest version. We remind you that the NebuTech BTMiner is a closed source Bytom (BTM) GPU miner for Nvidia CUDA that is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems and it has a 3% developer fee built-in.

To download the latest NebuTech BTMiner Bytom Nvidia GPU Miner v9.0 for Windows/Linux…

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1 Response to New NebuTech BTMiner 9.0 for Bytom (BTM) With Improved Hashrate


August 29th, 2018 at 15:25

I wish they compile it for ubuntu 14.04 as well.

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