New T-Rex 0.6.3 Nvidia GPU Miner For Windows and Linux

2 Sep

Another update from the T-rex miner with the latest version 0.6.3 bringing support for some more new mining algorithms as well as performance improvements for a number of already supported ones. The new algorithms that got added in the latest version are Balloon, Polytimos and Skunk. The biggest performance improvement of 3-5% in terms of performance goes for Renesis and PHI, while Bitcore, C11, Sonoa, X16r/s and X17 are also getting a few percent extra hashrate. If you are mining an altcoin with any of the newly added algorithms or already using the T-Rex miner for any of the alread supported ones you will probably want to go to the latest version. Do have in mind that T-Rex is a closed source miner and that there is 1% development fee built-in and you need to have a recent video driver installed as the binaries for both Linux and Windows are compiled for CUDA 9.1/9.2.

For more information and to download and try the latest version of the T-Rex miner…

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