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Bitmain Announced Their First 7nm ASIC Chip, Soon in Miners

24 Sep

Bitmain has finally announced their next generation of ASIC chips that are based on 7nm Finfet technology called BM1391 for the SHA256 algorithm, these chips will power the next generation of Bitcoin ASIC miners coming from the company. The new BM1391 chips integrate more than a billion transistors and are optimized for maximum efficiency according to the company and can achieve a ratio of energy consumption to the mining capacity that is as low as 42 J/TH. Bitmain was dominating the Bitcoin mining market with their Antminer S9 in terms of hashrate and units shipped, but they started losing in terms of performance and efficiency lately due to the fact that the competition was adopting new production technologies and making further optimizations to get higher hashrates. We’ll see if Bitmain will be able to get back in the game with their next generation ASIC miners using the new chips…

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2 Responses to Bitmain Announced Their First 7nm ASIC Chip, Soon in Miners


September 25th, 2018 at 10:55

They make fun of people. TSMC has been producing chips for Bitmain since November 2017! So in concrete terms, Bitmain will provide a new wave of ASICs that they no longer need because they are already using the equipment they will sell you in 1 or 2 years time with the mention “new Asic model”. They’re Bitmain thieves, don’t buy them their equipment.


September 25th, 2018 at 14:02

Bitmain is worst company. They sell equipments at 3k $ then after one month they sell it1.5k $ and so on. Look at s9 and l3+ and others price.
Before you make profit your asic price will fall heavily.
Antminer x3 first batch 20k$ and second batch 3k$ good job making people lose money.
They have failed miners too like antminer b3 that is mining worst than a gpu now.

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