Cryptonight V8 and X22i Mining Rigs Available for Rent on MiningRigRentals

17 Oct

Monero’s planned upcoming hardfork to the new CryptoNight/CryptoNote V8 proof of work algorithm is going well and will just about a day left and miners already supporting the V8 algorithm people are getting ready to mine XMR. Even services such as MiningRigRentals where you can rent or lease mining rigs are already supporting the new V8 algorithm with rigs available. NiceHash however has also added support for V8, including support for their latest NiceHash Miner, so you can expect quite a lot of hashrate after the fork coming from the service.

The SUQA project that we recently introduced is continuing to gain more interest from users and its X22i algorithm has just been added to MRR. The good news for miners is that X22i is still too new and not big enough to catch the interest of NiceHash, though if things continue this way it will happen sooner or later. Anyway, SUQA is developing nicely with network hashrate growing as more users join the mining process and the project is progressing well on their announced roadmap, even though there is still some skepticism surrounding the 10% developer fee from each mined block.

You can check the MiningRigRentals service for more details on available algorithms and rigs…

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4 Responses to Cryptonight V8 and X22i Mining Rigs Available for Rent on MiningRigRentals


October 17th, 2018 at 22:06

just 118 661 434 for Suqa Devs :}

Stickie Monero Gum

October 19th, 2018 at 17:33

Well, why should somebody EVER trust a coin that implements a new Algo just when they like?
You cannot build your company around it, because when investing Millions they can fuck you any minute….
And this should be a positive point of Monero? Yeah, right ;)

Monero will never be BIG. The Algo they introduce will be captured by other coins who deside to stick with that algo.
Every times Monero Forks it will Lose miners who stick to the protocol.

In the long term, Monero will end with a protocol that will be mined by a minimal amount users.
Coin Death by a self-fulfilling prophecy

Its is Obvious that the Monero Boys don’t understand Economics and are a bunch of Computer Asperger Autists whit the wrong eye open!


October 19th, 2018 at 18:53

Monero is still Monero regardless of the fork. Don’t be pissy because you like easy to manipulate algos for Asics and fpgas.


October 25th, 2018 at 17:20

Please be aware that many rig owners on MRR has set their xmr-stak rigs to currency “monero” rendering rigs unable to many anything but xmr specifically, resulting in massive confusion and many refunded rentals where rig owner have lost time and electricity.
If you are a rig owner using xmr-stak, set your rig to currency “cryptonight_v8”
If you are a renter, stear clear of rigs using xmr-stak and stick with SRBminer for now.

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