New Bitmain Antminer B7 96KHS ASIC Miner for Bytom (BTM)

6 Mar

Bitmain has made available a new 96KHS ASIC miner for Bytom (BTM) called Antminer B7 as a successor of their Antminer B3 ASIC from about a year ago that was offering just 780 H/s mining hashrate with 360 Watts of power usage. After the release of the B3 ASIC last year the development of a much faster GPU miner for Bytom’s Tensority algorithm began and currently most recent GPUs are delivering quite good hashrates for BTM mining. The new Bitmain Antminer B7 ASIC is going to put out a more serious competition however for anyone interested in minig BTM.

The new Bitmain Antminer B7 ASIC is currently only available on the Chinese website of Bitmain and promises 96 KHS hashrate with just 528 Watts of power usage, so tough competition for GPUs in term of hashrate and power usage. The price of the new Antminer B7 ASIC miner is currently set at 9900 Chinese Yuan or a little less than $1500 USD, but ordering the device to Europe or US can easily bump the price to over 2K. When you look at the current low profit numbers however you may very quickly decide not to invest in these new ASIC miners however…

The most recent version of the fastest NBMiner 21.0 GPU miner for Bytom (BTM) is capable of delivering about 3.4 KHS for a single GTX 1070 Ti, 5 KHS for a single GTX 1080 Ti and 11.5 KHS for GTX 2080 GPUs according to the official information from the developer. This means that a 8x GTX 2080 GPUs mining rig would be needed in order to deliver hashrate similar to that of the Antminer B7, but it will end up significantly pricier and with higher power usage.

You can visit the official Chinese website of Bitmain for more details on the new B7 ASIC miner…

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2 Responses to New Bitmain Antminer B7 96KHS ASIC Miner for Bytom (BTM)


March 7th, 2019 at 05:13

Anti Asic Fork Come in :)


March 7th, 2019 at 09:04

Remember ! if its profitable, they wont sell it to you !
ASIC makers are the worst in this business. Do your research first.

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