VulkanXMRMiner 0.3 Vulkan and SPIR-V Miner With CryptoNightR Support (CNv4)

11 Mar

VulkanXMRMiner is a new GPU miner that is based on Vulkan and SPIR-V technology and not OpenCL, like most other AMD miners out there, so it should work on any Vulkan 1.0 compatible device: AMD, Intel or Nvidia. VulkanXMRMiner is available for both Linux and Windows and it requires Vulkan support installed with a recent video drivers in order to function. The miner supports Monero (XMR) with its newest variant CNv4 (CryptoNightR) as well as Wownero (CryptoNightV8), Aeon (CryptoNight Light) and TurtleCoin (CryptoNight Turtle) as well as other crypto coins that are based on any of these algorithms. The miner is open source, however the already compiled binaries do come with a 1% development fee for the further development of the software. Feel free to share your settings and performance results should you try this Vulkan-based Cryptonight miner on your mining rigs…

To download and try the latest VulkanXMRMiner 0.3 Vulkan and SPIR-V CryptoNight miner…

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