Genesis Mining is Back With DASH (X11) Cloud Mining Offers

27 Mar

The last year or so was tough for all miners, including companies that were offering cloud mining hashrate such as Genesis Mining and their customers as well. It seems however things are getting back on track for mining as there are new offers for DASH (X11) cloud mining coming from them at prices that actually seem reasonable and even profitable with the current far from great market conditions. The cloud mining contracts are with 2 years term and $0.00001 USD per MH/s per day maintenance fee, furthermore after running the numbers through a mining calculator you can earn back what you have invested in about a year (taking into account the current mining difficulty and price of DASH). You can also use our special discount code CryptoMiningBlog5 to get some extra discount and get even better price should you decide to give their services a try.

What we would like to see however in such an offer are more options to mine X11 crypto coins with the hashrate you can purchase as currently it is only usable for DASH mining directly and you can switch to a number of other cryptos that aren’t X11. This means that you can mine DASH and then it is being automatically sold for BTC, LTC, DOGE, XMR, ZEC or BTG and you get paid the amount if you do not want to get directly DASH coins. With a booming mining market this might be fine, but in conditions like at the moment having more flexibility is what miners are looking for and companies offering cloud mining and looking for customers should be able to offer more flexibility to their users in order to make their offers more attractive.

Fore more details about the current DASH (X11) Cloud mining offers from Genesis Mining…

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4 Responses to Genesis Mining is Back With DASH (X11) Cloud Mining Offers

Mark T

March 28th, 2019 at 06:40

After all the people that got screwed with this insane cloud mining nonsense, i cannot believe you still promote any form of cloud mining. Remember Zues miner cloud mining? How about the biggest scam in history: GAW. Many people invested because of your recommendations. Hashocean ??

Simple fact: if its 100% legit and profitable, it makes no business since to sell it off at a discount. If you owned a machine that made you $100/month, would you put it up for sale for $90?? or even $99??


March 28th, 2019 at 10:45

of course they arent angels and have their reason to sell, but you cant say it were not worth.. ok, maybe dash isnt :D but it exist more..

as example, im customer on bitdeer, the company from bitmain, and i am mining bitcoins since january and get every day 0.002 btc earnings and send to my coinbase acc.

duration plan 360 days, 648$ paid, 50TH, and electricity around 48$ for 10 days. at the moment i invested 1180$ and earnd 0.163 btc. roi expected in 2 months.
all in one, ~6 months for roi and 1 year duration = a half year you pay ~48$/10days electricity and get 0.02 btc=~80$.

so you get 0.02 btc for 48$!! and its worth 80$.. isnt good?
imaging the btc price will increase in future..


July 28th, 2019 at 23:56

18027.2360 MH/s DASH (X11)
13.07.2019 DASH 0.00035805
01.09.2018 DASH 0.01135715


July 28th, 2019 at 23:57

Unfortunately, the daily mining reward of your Dash (X11) mining plan, with a maintenance fee of USD 0.000029 per MH/s and day, became lower than the maintenance fee.

That means that, at the moment, your daily mining reward cannot cover the maintenance fee, so your mining outputs are currently 0. That is why there are no mining outputs on your account from the 13.07.2019. onward. However, please keep in mind that your contract’s duration is not affected by the absence of mining outputs since you have bought a 2-year contract which will remain active for the whole timespan.

Furthermore, your contract may start to generate mining outputs again if the mining network difficulty decreases and/or the DASH price increases. Kindly note that the mining outputs highly depend on the price and the network difficulties, as well as the luck we have in the pools we are mining in, meaning, how many blocks are solved per day in our pools. Those factors are variable and do not depend on Genesis Mining.

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