New SRBMiner 1.8.4 Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner With Performance Boost for HBM-based GPUs

21 Apr

The latest version 1.8.4 of the CryptoNight AMD GPU miner SRBMiner brings significant performance boost for all of AMD’s HBM memory based GPUs, namely the Radeon Vega56, Vega 64, Vega FE and the latest Radeon VII with HBM2 video memory. The performance boost for these video cards can be up to about 15%, so definitely worth upgrading any mining rigs with the newly released miner for the extra hashrate you will be getting… and that apparently goes for all of the supported algorithms! To take advantage of the extra performance boost you need to play around with the new parameter tweak_profile checking the level of tweak profile that your GPUs can handle and applying it. Apparently the improvement is based on memory timings modification thanks to the work of Eliovp and his useful AMD Memory Tweak Tool.

You can find the full changelog for the latest release quoted below. Do note that the developer fee is ~0.85% for both normal mode and algorithm switching mode as SRBMiner is a closed source miner available for AMD GPU miners only under Windows.

SRBMiner V1.8.4 Full Cangelog:
– Performance increase for Vega56/64/Fe/Vii up to 15%!
– Minimum for ‘main_pool_reconnect’ is now 60 seconds instead of 180
– Added new cmd parameters: –disabletweaking, –cgputweakprofile
– Added new config parameter: tweak_profile
– Minor bug fixes

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3 Responses to New SRBMiner 1.8.4 Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner With Performance Boost for HBM-based GPUs


April 22nd, 2019 at 16:12

– Fixed the ‘tweak_profile’ changing with + – on keyboard
– Tweaking is now auto disabled if no supported devices found


April 25th, 2019 at 15:15

– Added tweaking support for Radeon VII
– There are now 10 tweaking profiles, so you can fine tune even more
– Fixed Cn/R when used on coin other than Monero
– Added new algo ‘Upx2’ , the new Uplexa algo
– Added fork info about Uplexa and Cypruscoin


April 30th, 2019 at 17:32

– Improvements with tweak profile 10 on Vega64 with Samsung memory
– Fixed a bug with pool reconnect on job timeout
– job_timeout is now disabled by default, to enable it set a value > 0
– Fixed min_rig_speed bug that triggered restart with V4 algos
– Added info in api/web stats about tweak profile
– Made hashrate display on web stats page bigger
– In guided setup mode changed max wallet and password length to 200 so address+payment id can be used

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