New SRBMiner 1.8.8 Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner With Optimizations Reducing CPU Usage

7 May

The latest CryptoNight AMD GPU miner SRBMiner 1.8.8 comes with a significantly reduced CPU usage of up to ~50% that can be noticed on CryptoNight algorithms with small scratchpad like UPX2 and Turtle for example. This can be helpful on GPU mining rigs where the CPUs are struggling to provide enough performance and as a side effect there could be a slight performance boost for RX cards on UPX2. The new version brings some usability and functionality changes as well to make the use of the miner easier and more problem free.

You can find the full changelog for the latest release quoted below. Do note that the developer fee is ~0.85% for both normal mode and algorithm switching mode as SRBMiner is a closed source miner available for AMD GPU miners only under Windows.

SRBMiner V1.8.8 Full Cangelog:
– Reduced CPU usage up to ~50%, can be noticed on algos with small scratchpad
– User is now informed about tweaking status on the screen too, not just in log
– No more --gpureorder, device ordering by bus id is now the default/only display mode
– Added parameter --watchdogrounds, which controls after how many rounds will watchdog trigger
– min_rig_speed_duration default is 1 minute now, because of the new --watchdogrounds parameter
– Fixed a few cosmetical things on web stats

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2 Responses to New SRBMiner 1.8.8 Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner With Optimizations Reducing CPU Usage


May 10th, 2019 at 02:54

This is a very interesting miner in that the guided setup runs pretty well. However this miner crashes hard on all AMD rigs I have tried it on, especially the Vega 64 cards. Decrementing the intensity to 22 allows it to run on RX-570 in GRAPHICS mode only and with no OC. Even so its not stable.
It would be good to know some adjustments that will stabilize it out of the gate, that are not easy to discern from the README file.


May 13th, 2019 at 17:54

not stable.

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