WildRig Multi 0.16.3 Beta AMD GPU Miner With Extra Performance and New Algorithms

15 May

More updates from the WildRig Multi AMD GPU miner with the latest version 0.16.3 Beta bringing some more performance improvements for various supported and new algorithms. Starting with version 16.0 there is support for a number of new crypto algorithms including wildkeccak, honeycomb and xevan along with number of additional performance improvements and optimizations for these algorithms. The latest version continues to improve some hashorders for x16 family of algorithms (JH512 in middle, SIMD at start) and comes with special improvement for Vega on almost all of the supported algorithms (bcd, x16-fmaily, hex, x22i, etc.).

Do note that the WildRig Multi currently supports only AMD GPUs with the newer RX series and VEGA out of the box, while for older R9 series Fiji, Hawaii and Tonga there is a separate download available with binary kernels. The WildRig Multi 0.16.3 Beta is currently available for Windows, Ubuntu Linux and HiveOS as a closed source binary and with a 2% developer fee built-in by default, though it can be reduced. wildkeccak and honeycomb algorithms are with fixed 2% dev fee with no possibility to change.

To download and try the WildRig Multi 0.16.3 Beta AMD GPU multi-algorithm miner for Windows/Linux…

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2 Responses to WildRig Multi 0.16.3 Beta AMD GPU Miner With Extra Performance and New Algorithms


May 16th, 2019 at 08:47

WildRig Multi 0.16.4 beta:
– improved honeycomb
– fixed hex, hmq1725 and some other algorithms hashrate regression
– fixed parameters –scratchpad-safe-update, –scratchpad-full-update, –no-extranonce (they was random if not specified)- fixed communication with some pools


May 17th, 2019 at 18:28

WildRig Multi 0.16.5:
– should be better stability for wildkeccak using –scratchpad-safe-update on some systems
– improved x16-like(Shavite at start), honeycomb and skunkhash

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