ArQmA (ARQ) to Fork to a New RandomX-based Algorithm in November

10 Oct

ArQmA (ARQ) is another crypto project that has revealed plans to fork to a new RandomX-based algorithm called RandomARQ. This project has been started in 2018, but is still wit pretty low market capitalization and low trading volume according to data from CoinMarketCap, so there is much room for growth. The ArQmA (ARQ) fork to the new RandomARQ algorithm is currently planned for 8th of November at 23:50:00 at block 303666, though this might not be the final date. The latest XMRig v4.3.0-beta had just added support for the new RandomARQ algorithm with “rx/arq”, so you should be good to go by the time the fork happens should you decide to check out the project. Currently ArQmA (ARQ) uses the CryptoNight Turtle algorithm, so it is still mineable with GPUs. Since RandomARQ is based off RandmX it will be CPU friendly algorithm, so mining after the fork will be done mostly with CPUs due to the fact that the algorithm has been designed to be processor friendly and not GPU, ASIC or FPGA friendly.

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1 Response to ArQmA (ARQ) to Fork to a New RandomX-based Algorithm in November


October 17th, 2019 at 23:28

Impressive benchmarks for RandomX on CPU so far. Even older hardware and low end non AES hardware is faster.
ArqTras and Michal malbit have always been known to make and algorithm that works best on CPUs by reducing the scratchpad and still having enough iterations to secure from side channel attacks. The devs at XMRIG are working feverishly on the GPU code for both Nvidia and AMD GPUs. Hopefully the auto tuning of the Nvidia cards algorithm will be matrixed so the miners don’t have to fiddle and tune with the settings for that.

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