Todek TODDMINER C1 CKB (Eaglesong) ASIC Miner Coming Soon

26 Feb

There is apparently a new ASIC miner coming right around the corner called TODDMINER C1 for the Eaglesong algorithm used by the Nervos (CKB) project. The device is made by a new Chinese company with the Toddminer being their first ASIC device apparently. TODDMINER C1 promises to deliver 1.6 TH/s hashrate with 1100 Watts of power usage, a significant improvement over the existing FPGA miners with support for the algorithm. The new ASIC is priced at 28800 Chinese Yuan or about $4100 USD with shipping about to start in March, so in just a few days from now.

Currently a BlackMiner F1 Ultra FPGA manages to do just about 26.5 GH/s with about the same power usage and a daily revenue of about $9 USD, however that is about to change with the new much higher hashrate ASIC miner. So bad news for HashAltcoin and their FPGA miners and the people that use them as CKB was the best performing and most profitable project to mine for a few months already.

For more information abut the Todek TODDMINER C1 CKB (Eaglesong) ASIC Miner…

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2 Responses to Todek TODDMINER C1 CKB (Eaglesong) ASIC Miner Coming Soon


March 12th, 2020 at 10:07

“DO NOT BUY this useless piece of trash, it’s an elaborated scam:
1) pump a shitcoin with btc before your asic annoucement in preorder, to raise interest and fake earnings
2) start the preorder without turning the units on before the soldout, so the difficulty won’t raise. After this event, turn them on and profit with the units you have just sold, that you will need to ship in 45 to 60 days
3) After this timeframe, where you ve profit from the sale and multiple Break Even due to mining, ship them to the clients, being compliant to the sale you did 45 days before

Repeat the process with any other shitcoin may arise.
Bitmain announced this doorstopper because of the leaked news of other brands.
Bitmain and asic producers are a cancer in this world”

same market strategy


March 13th, 2020 at 03:52

Totally agreed. This is shitcoin. Now this coin dropping like shit. The difficulty increases day by day with no control.

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