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Hummer Miner Mars H1 Handshake (HNS) ASIC Miner Details

11 Mar

A few days ago we have mentioned the Handshake (HNS) project and the fact that mining has recently started with GPUs and FPGAs that offer slightly faster hashrate at a bit lower power usage and that ASIC miners are also going to be coming out soon. Now there are more details about the first announced Handshake ASIC miner available from the Chinese ASIC manufacturer Hummer Miner with their device up for pre-order. The Hummer Miner Mars H1 ASIC should be offering 80 GH/s hashrate with 2000 Watts of power usage (25 Watt/GHs efficiency) and is priced at 12600 CNY or roughly about $1800 USD with shipping expected to start mid-June and not in May as previously expected. This gives some additional time for miners with GPUs and FPGA’s from Hashaltcoin to stock up on HNS coins before ASIC miners hit the market, even though profitability is already getting lower day by day as we are seeing.

For more details about the Hummer Miner Mars H1 Handshake ASIC Miner (CN)…

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