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New BzMiner v13.0.1 GPU Miner With Support for NEXA Mining is Now Available

19 Jan

The latest update to version v13.0.1 of the BzMiner GPU miner brings support for mining NEXA, a project we talked about back in December last year. BzMiner is the second miner to bring support for this new project with the other one being WildRig Multi, however it seems that BzMiner’s implementation is a bit faster and with just 3% miner fee compared to the 5% that are charged by the WildRig Multi miner, so switching to BzMiner v13.0.1 if you are mining NEXA is a must at the moment. NEXA has been quite profitable for miners for a while now and it was just recently added to a second exchange for trading – TxBit.

NEXA is getting added on other mining pools besides the initial availability on Rpool and miners are supporting them, so you might want to try and spread the hashpower by mining on a different mining pool now. The only thing that you should be well aware of as a miner of NEXA is that it takes 5+ days for newly mined coins to be released from the pool to be sent to your wallet. Also have in mind that for now BzMiner only supports mining on Nvidia GPUs! Another useful feature of the BzMiner software is the dual-mining support for mining any coin together with Zilliqa (ZIL), so you can essentially dual-mine NEXA and ZIL and get a nice boost in profitability without pretty much any loss of mining performance.

To download the latest BzMiner v13.0.1 GPU Miner with NEXA support…

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