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New Crypto Difficulty, Coin Profitability and Cloud Mining

13 Mar


You have probably noticed the recent jump in Litecoin difficulty up to 4,738 (up with more than 20%) and the most recent difficulty adjustment to 4,719 which is actually a slight decrease. This has allowed some alternative crypto currencies to again become attractive alternative with better profitability than directly mining for LTC, so this may help keep Litecoin from new serious jumps in terms of difficulty for a little longer. This is however not certain as Gridseed is apparently shipping already serious quantities of their Scrypt-capable ASIC devices and if they are all used for LTC mining the difficulty may skyrocket soon again.

On the Bitcoin front there was just another increase in difficulty, this time it was surprisingly small compared to previous difficulty increases. The new BTC network difficulty is 4,250,217,920 up with just about 11.39% from the previous one, while the previous few increases were all with about 20%. This is actually good news for people that have ASIC devices that still need to earn the investment in purchasing them.

And a quick look on what is going on with the cloud mining prices after the new difficulty for LTC and BTC. It seems that with Gridseed ASIC devices hitting the market the LTC prices for KHS of cloud mining are starting to get lower and cloud mining Litecoin is getting even more atractive than investing in BTC cloud mining hashrate. Below you can find the current prices for BTC and LTC cloud mining hashrate at some of the bigger services offering them.

Bitcoin cloud mining hasrate prices:
PB Mining – 0.0083 BTC per 1 GHS
Bit Minng – 0.012 BTC per 1 GHS
CexIO – 0.0157 BTC per 1 GHS

Litecoin cloud mining hasrate prices:
MarketsCX – 0.0295 LTC per 1 KHS
Bit Minng – 0.055 LTC per 1 KHS
ScryptCC – 0.0576 LTC per 1 KHS

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