GPU Miner for Heavycoin is Possible and is Being Worked On

14 Mar


Heavycoin (HVC) is a recently launched crypto coin that can be mined only with the CPU, but apparently it is not impossible for a GPU miner to be created for it as well like with many other coins that started as CPU mining only. The key of the coin being “CPU only” is the use of multiple crypto algorithms – SHA-256, Keccak-512, Grøestl-512, BLAKE-512. But if you port all of them on the GPU you can achieve considerable speedup than what is possible with the CPU only mining, however for the moment there is no GPU miner available for HVC. The author of CudaMiner has reported some success already, note what he has posted in the bitcointalk forum about his work on a GPU miner for HVC (not CudaMiner, but a separate project):

we’ve accelerated 4 out of 5 hashing algos for HVC, but the last one (Groestl) is causing us a bit of trouble. Our first port is actually slower than the CPU – at least on my system.

Running Groestl on CPU and the rest on GPU I am getting an 800% performance boost vs. running the CPU alone.
Multiple CPU threads can even share a GPU ;)

Note that overall HVC is *not* CPU-only. They really need to change their advertising, and change it quickly. Whatever they did to SHA256 to turn it into a “GPU and ASIC resistant” HEFTY1 algorithm – it didn’t work as they intended.


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3 Responses to GPU Miner for Heavycoin is Possible and is Being Worked On


March 17th, 2014 at 04:53

This really destroys the whole idea of Heavycoin. It’s not going to have a future after this.


March 17th, 2014 at 11:59

Yes, it is, but it also seems that the coin wasn’t really a CPU only coin with it being adapted so fast to be mined with GPU. There is already an OpenCL miner available that supports HVC GPU mining, so no point in mining the coin on CPU anymore.


March 18th, 2014 at 06:16

That honestly destroys any and all appeal for me in the coin and makes me think it’s going to plummet in value now that it can be mined soooo much faster with GPUs, which people have more readily available than CPUs.

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