Interesting Alternative Splitters for PCI-E Slots from Amfeltec

14 Mar


The company Amfeltec has a lot of interesting products including some that may easily catch the attention of miners using GPUs. We are talking about the x1 PCIe 3-Way Splitter and the x4 PCIe 4-Way Splitter that allow you to split a single PCI-E x1 or more slot to three cards using x1 or a single x4 PCI-E slot to four x1 PCI-E slots for four video cards. The company also has other products that can provide you with extensions and splitters of PCI-E and other slots. These products are able to give you the ability to install more video cards for mining on a single motherboard that does not have enough PCI-E slots unlike for example the AsRock Pro BTC series of motherboards. And while these products do seem quite interesting they do have a certain drawback and that is their price that is the hundreds dollars range, so not that attractive for miners willing to optimize their cost and performance. Another possible issue might be actually getting some of these splitters in your hands as the company in question is based in Canada and they have only one distributor listed that covers UK and Europe. Still you might want to check these PCI-E splitters and not just raisers if you are interested in them.

For more information about the GPU-oriented PCI Express splitters from Amfeltec…

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August 22nd, 2016 at 03:31

Well, on their website they don’t even list merchants or a price, just “Request a Quote” which tells me they’re bloody expensive. There’s probably a Chinese off-brand that costs 1/5th as much… it’s just that FINDING it will take some work… looking for one is what brought me to this page, but i don’t even need an active (with chipset) solution, just to split a PCIe 4 lane or more into at least 2, 4 lane slots even if only two lanes on each work.

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