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Thermal Images of the Gridseed 5-chip BTC/LTC Dual Mode ASIC

15 Mar


Today we have decided to compare the Gridseed 5-chip BTC/LTC Dual Mode ASIC devices in terms of thermal characteristics when operating in Scrypt only mining mode (~8W overclocked) and in Scrypt/SHA-256 dual mining mode (~65W overclocked). We wanted to see how good the massive radiator and high-speed cooling fan will be able to handle in the two modes and more specifically in the dual mode as it is apparently designed to cool the device properly with the high power consumption that it has when mining for BTC (SHA-256) and LTC (Scrypt) at the same time. So we put two ASIC devices next to each other, the one on the left is running in Scrypt only mining mode and the one on the right in Dual mode mining for BTC and LTC at the same time.


We left the devices to work for an hour before taking the thermal images in order to see what are the temperatures of the two miners. Note that the top of the devices does not seem very hot and the highest temperature is that of the cooling fan’s motor. You can however see that around the device running in Dual mode the temperature is higher due to the hot air that is being blown. Looking at the bottom part of the device however we can see more serious difference in the operating temperatures of the two devices. The highest temperature of the device mining in Scrypt only mode we measured is 32.1 degrees Celsius, the device in Dual mode on the right however shows very different results – the maximum temperature we have measured was 73.5 degrees Celsius. As expected the highest temperature measured is at the part where the 3 voltage regulators are located and while they are probably rated to work at temperatures of up to 100-120 degrees C they still do get quite hot as they do not have direct contact with the cooling radiator of the device. So if you plan on running the Gridseed 5-chip BTC/LTC ASIC in Dual mode you might want to consider adding additional small radiators for problem free operation in the long run. The maximum temperature of the Dual mode ASIC aside from the voltage regulator’s region was 44 degrees Celsius, so the cooling of the Gridseed GC3355 chips is more than adequate.

What we would recommend however if you are getting Gridseed 5-chip BTC/LTC Dual Mode ASIC devices is to stick to running them in Scrypt only mining mode where their real advantage is – high performance Scrypt mining hashrate with very low power usage… and no potential problems with the cooling either. Next up we are going to desolder the fan of the Gridseed ASIC devices to see how they will be handling passive cooling in Scrypt only mining mode.

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5 Responses to Thermal Images of the Gridseed 5-chip BTC/LTC Dual Mode ASIC


March 15th, 2014 at 21:51

Funny that you post this today, I just saw a picture of someone running a crazy amount of these in
script mode only, and not using any fans on most of them.
Others on the forum seem to stand behind that too, that wen only mining script they remove the fan what reduces a little the power use of the gridseed and thus making it even more bang for buck
here is where I have seen it :


March 20th, 2014 at 00:33

for mining in scrypt only mode, is the electricity 8w per miner or per chip?



March 20th, 2014 at 01:09

edward, the power usage is 8W for the whole device, not per chip… and out of that about 2W are for the fan.


March 21st, 2014 at 04:32

For this test did you run cpuminer for Scrypt and cgminer for SHA? Do you know if we can run two cgminers – one for Scrypt (cgminer 3.7.2 OC) and one for SHA (cgminer 3.8.5) – at the same time for dual mode?


October 13th, 2014 at 17:33

how to run those in scrypt mode only? it’s automatic? what miner they need for sscrypt mode only?


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