Some Results from Trading with the Haasonline Automated Trading Bot

16 Mar


We’ve been playing around and experimenting with the Haasonline Automated Trading Bot software and above you can see an example of how our testing is going on. We have 8 bots currently setup and actively trading and though there are some trades executed with slight loss they are generally making profit. The total profit may seem low, but we are still testing with low trading amounts, so it is normal that when you subtract the trading feed the generated profit from just a few trades is not that high. We are using small amounts from different currencies and with different exchanges in order to see what works better. If you have missed our First Impressions from the Haasonline Automated Trading Bot, then you might want to check it out first in order to have a better idea what are we talking about here.

A good advice is to look for crypto currencies that have larger trade volume and not a steady exchange rate, you cannot make a profit when the exchange is a flat line. Another helpful thing is to trade on the exchange, but instead of trading GHS there you can trade the LTC/BTC and NMC/BTC pairs. The good thing about that particular exchange is that there are no fees for trading, so as long as you buy cheaper than you sell you are generating profit. Trading GHS/BTC there with an automated bot may not be that good of an idea as it is riskier, but if you manage to configure a good automated trading bot, then you might end up making some nice profit. The other exchange we are testing a lot at is Cryptsy, because there are quite a lot of alternative crypto currency pairs to play with. However not all have large volumes or even if they do, many of them have a steady exchange rate that may be good for the miners, but not so good for the traders willing to make some profit from trading.

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