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More Issues With the Ghash Litecoin Mining Pool and the “Double” Reward Bonus

17 Mar


We have already stopped using the Litecoin Mining Pool after the initial problems and changes of rules to the one week double mining awards for LTC promotion that was running. We did recommend to our readers to do the same as we were really disappointed by how things were handled and the problems that were appearing. It seems however that what we have experienced as issues in the first day wasn’t the only problem, we got reports from readers that apparently still remained mining at the pool after that for more issues. Below is a quote from one such reader:

I would like to inform you of’s poor behavior. Notwithstanding your warnings about the LTC Promo, I was using their LTC pool for the last 2 days.

Here is the current state of things:

* They allowed a multipool to participate in the 2x promo(easily pushing the hash rate over the 2x limit of 25Gh/s)

* Agreed to pay for server error that kept our machines hashing without getting paid for 10 blocks. Then said “the support member was wrong ” when he said we “would get paid, so keep your machines running on the pool”.

* Randomly hashing blocks(3) without receiving payment(blocks not orphaned)

* Currently(as of this writing) having LTC withdraw issues. Users are reporting a “insufficient funds” error, despite having 5+ LTC.

All of these issues are experienced by many users. This is a very bad start to a site that looks so promising. In any event, I simply wanted to pass on this information in an attempt to prevent others from possibly getting Goxed.

There are a little over 3 days that remain until the end of the Doubled rewards for LiteCoin mining at the mining pool and we are again going to recommend you to stay away from the pool. Currently the multiplier is x1.25 and will hardly go back to x2 as the hashrate of the pool needs to drop in half. And if you experience a few more issues in the remaining time you could easily end up with the same or even lower than x1 the expected earnings from directly mining LTC in another pool.

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2 Responses to More Issues With the Ghash Litecoin Mining Pool and the “Double” Reward Bonus


March 18th, 2014 at 01:53

Is this what constitutes news? A single user reporting a mining/withdrawal problem at a pool? Cry more that they stole miners/hash/blocks from your fav. ltc pool. Last I checked, a multipool is made up miners just like any other pool. Its not like it was some hacked botnet.


March 18th, 2014 at 04:42

I can confirm that there have been mining problems, I rented a mining service for the x2 duration, and well I should have listened to the Admin because I also had unpaid blocks and they kept on changing their x2 rules rendering the whole thing totally worthless.

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