MtGox’s Mark Karpeles Just Tripped and Found 200000 Bitcoins

21 Mar


MtGox has announced that they were able to recover 200000 Bitcoins from an “old-format wallet used prior to June 2011”, coins that could be returned to customers that NtGox owes money to. This “miracle” sounds a lot like a popular scam scheme where customers get back some of their invested money and are happy that they get at least something and are not left completely empty handed. We do not believe in miracles where you can find so many BTCs in an old and unused wallet, just like that Mark Karpeles could also find another 650000 BTC stashed in his personal “old wallet”, coins that we will surely not announce as being found.

If you want to read the official press release regarding the “found coins” from MtGox…

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