New CCminer 0.2 Nvidia GPU Miner With Optimized Fuguecoin Performance

21 Mar


CCminer is a new miner for Fuguecoin and Heavycoin mining on Nvidia graphics cards by the author of the CudaMiner software and today a new version has been released. In version 0.2 there are mostly performance optimizations for mining Fuguecoin, so if you use the miner for HVC mining there may be no need to update. Fuguecoin mining was pretty much possible only in solo mining up until recently, but there is now a pool for FugueCoin available that works with the new ccminer (though the pool might need some more work). The pool does not need registration and uses your wallet address as worker, so you can be up and mining in no time if you want to try FugueCoin (FC) mining. We have tested the new miner and the pool and we got about 180 MHS from a single GTX 780 Ti video card. Below you can download the new ccminer version 0.2 for windows and you can get the source and compile from it as well.

Download the CCminer Nvidia GPU Miner with HEFTY1 and Fugu256 Support for Windows…

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