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CudaMiners, a New Forum for Miners Using Nvidia-based GPUs

3 Apr


If you are mining crypto currencies using Nvidia-based graphic cards such as the very popular new GeForce GTX 750 Ti or other models you might want to check out the recently launched forum called CudaMiners. Since the forum is still very new there is not that much information, but it is more focused and you should be able to easily find help on Nvidia mining questions and problems and also keep up to date on new developments easier. The forum has a dedicated section for CudaMiner, the most used GPU miner for Nvidia CUDA-capable hardware and you can even find its author Christian Buchner (cbuchner1) posting in that forum as well. So do bookmark this website and keep an eye out if you are using Nvdia GPUs for crypto mining.

To visit the new CudaMiners forum dedicated to Nvidia GPU crypto currency mining…

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