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Coinomat Crypto Currency Exchange Adds Withdraws to Credit Card

9 Apr

Coinomat, a quick and easy crypto currency exchange that supports BTC, LTC and PPC exchange has announced that they have implemented support for withdraws to VISA and Mastercard credit cards and Visa Electron/Maestro debit cards will not work apparently. The transfer is made in US dollars, if your card is denominated in another currency the funds will be converted into the card currency by your bank using the bank’s exchange rates. The transfer of funds to your card takes 2-4 business days to complete and note that there is a withdrawal limit of $2500 USD per one card per week. No word about a fee for the service, though there is most likely some fee associated with the service, but it is probably automatically calculated and deducted from the price you get cited per coin. (For full details, visit Crediful)

Note that the service has been available for a few months already, they launched in Beta in November last year. Recently a similar feature was recently announced by BTC-e exchange. The common thing between the two is that there seems to be some sort of a Russian connection, though both exchanges do seem to remain quite anonymous in terms of where they are based and who is operating them. So this raises the question should you trust these “anonymous” exchanges by sharing your credit card information with them in order to be able to take advantage from the convenience to exchange crypto currencies and get the money directly in your card.

For more information about the crypto exchange services that Coinomat offers…

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1 Response to Coinomat Crypto Currency Exchange Adds Withdraws to Credit Card

Chris Lewis

February 3rd, 2016 at 06:04

A very nice post. Thanks for sharing this.Can you pls tell me What is the approximate exchange rates charged by banks?

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