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Cloudhasing with New Website, Cloud Mining Plans and Prices

20 Apr


The Bitcoin Cloud Mining service Cloud Hashing has a new website design and new cloud mining plans and prices. The new prices however are just slightly more attractive than the old ones and that with the fact that the Bitcoin network difficulty continues to increase in big steps does not make the service that much more attractive and profitable as it was before the latest update. The cloud mining contracts being sold by the service are for 1 year term, and you can get 30 GHS for $299 USD, 110 GHS for $999 USD or 375 GHS for $2999 USD. If you put these values in a profit calculator with the current market situation there is absolutely no chance to even get a return of your investment in a year, let alone to have made some profit. And that makes it really hard to eve consider investing in the service, though if conditions improve for the better there is some chance to actually get some profit, but the risk is quite high to hope for such. So we do recommend to look for other better priced alternatives if you are interested in cloud mining services.

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