ZeusMiners Scrypt ASIC Miners Might Be Coming Later This Month

3 May


Zeus Integrated Systems, another Chinese company developing what they call ZeusMiner has announced that they have received the first sample batch of their Scrypt ASIC chips and have started building the first prototypes of the so called ZeusMiner mining rigs. The Scrypt ASIC chips that Zeus is making are apparently based on 55nm manufacturing process and should be able to deliver 1 MHS of Scrypt mining hashrate with something like 10-12W of power consumption according to the specifications. What is more interesting is that Zeus promises to start delivering by the end of this month (May), though the prices of the miners are not that attractive with the current crypto currency market prices.


The ZeusMiners Scrypt ASICs will apparently be available in four flavors: 1.2 MHS Blizzard available for $199 USD, 18 MHS Cyclone for $2999 USD, 36 MHS Thunder for $5500 USD and 72 MHS Lightning for $9999 USD. The smallest ZeusMiner Blizzard could be an interesting solution and could easily replace the smaller 5-chip Gridseed ASIC miners due t the higher performance and similar price, especially if it turns out to be easily overclockable. The ZeusMiner Blizzard apparently consists of 4 chips with 300 KHS hashrate per chip and about 3W of power usage, so we see something similar to the Gridseed Infinity USB miner design. And we are going to be picking up one of these small units for sure if/when they become available in order to be able to review it.


With that said we are still waiting to see the first devices actually available on the market and be able to test them, before talking more about if they will be worth purchasing. What we can say is that at the moment ZeusMiners seem to finally start looking like an actual product and a one that will be available on the market soon, though we do not claim this for sure or endorse the company before we see the actual product. We see that some of the Gridseed distributors we have posted about hereon the blog are already listing the ZeusMiner products on their websites such as Hash-Master for example and others have already announced what seems like their own branded miners that are most likely based on the ZeusMiner Scrypt chips judging form the listed specifications. You can check the GAWMiners Scrypt Miners as well as the Hashra Lunar Landers for more information. These two companies are planning for early June availability, so shortly after the date that Zeus plans to start delivering.

To read the latest update from ZeusMiner regarding the current status of shipping units…

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4 Responses to ZeusMiners Scrypt ASIC Miners Might Be Coming Later This Month


May 4th, 2014 at 15:45

I was hoping you’d blog about the new miners. I wonder if the numbers from Zeus are “best possible” like Gridseed numbers with the standard numbers being a bit lower if not clocked to the max? The Zeus numbers are about 1/3 higher than GAW’s. That means it is either boards built specifically for GAW or we’ll see 1/3 overclock room. I’m hoping for the 1/3 overclock room :-)


May 4th, 2014 at 16:00

The hashrate can vary based on the number of chips used in a miner. I don’t think that the Zeus numbers are the maximum possible ones as they haven’t had the chance to test much with the actual chips from what they claim, so they should have some headroom left for overclocking. If a single chip hashrate is about 300 KHS you can build just about any configuration. We’ll have to wait and see if/when the miners are available on the market. Personally we are more interested in the new A2 chips, but it will take some more time before we see them on the market as well.


May 9th, 2014 at 21:16

Anybody know if there’s any software to run these that will be available on initial release? Is the manufacturer providing a platform, or will it be up to the community like Gridseeds?


June 3rd, 2014 at 19:17

Hi! I actually received my two Blizzards last Friday. I’ve had numerous issues with these. The biggest is keeping them online and processing. They start out strong but quickly start throwing out nothing but errors resulting in being temp banned by pools.

I was wondering if you have any experience here with the issue or getting past it? Zeusminer has been less than helpful so far.

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