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Get Your Gridseed Scrypt ASIC Miners Cheaper Now

6 May


With the Scrypt ASIC race heating up and things moving towards more powerful miners getting available on the market very soon the prices of the Gridseed ASIC miners are getting lower and lower. Gridseed even recently announced that they have stopped producing the smaller 5-chip Inifinity USB miners, though the larger G-Blades are apparently still being made. The good news is that the prices of the Gridseed ASIC miners are getting lower while the distributors and sellers are clearing up their stock, so you can get to buy them at some pretty low prices. We have checked and compiled a list of the latest prices you can buy Gridseed Infinity USB and G-Blade ASIC miners. Do note that while the prices are up to almost twice as low in some places compared to the prices few weeks ago, this does not guarantee quick return of investment, though it should be faster than buying at the old prices.

MinerEU currently has the small 5-chip Gridseed ASICs for $65 USD, the large 80-chip G-Blade at $960 USD and they have even listed the new Gridseed A2 ASIC miner based on the 28nn Innosilicon A2 Terminator chips, though that one is still pretty expensive at $12000 USD. These are probably the best prices you can currently get for Gridseed ASIC miners shipped from Europe.

GAW Miners is a great choice for buying from if you are based in USA. They currently have the smaller 5-chip Gridseed ASICs at $79.95 USD and the bigger 80-chip G-Blades for $949.95 USD. They do not yet have the new A2 listed, however they are already taking preorders for new more powerful Scrypt ASIC miners with their own branding.

JustASIC based in USA, but apparently shipping in EU too through partnership with MinerEU have almost the same prices as their partners. They do sell the 5-chip ASICS only in packs of 20 however in order to get a $65 USD per device price and the G-Blade is $940 USD, no other miners are available.

EyeBoot based in Hong Kong, China has their lowest price of a single 5-chip Gridseed ASIC at $110 USD, though for larger number of units you can get lower than that. They are still selling the G-Blade miner pretty high at a price of $1700 USD, so not a good idea to buy it from them at the moment.

Zoomhash based in USA currently sells the 5-chip Gridseed ASICs for $119.99 per single unit. They do have the G-Blade sold at the old price, however they do offer pre-order at almost half of the standard price if you are willing to wait up to about 10-13 days. They also have listed the new Gridseed A2 ASICs with a price of $11999 USD.

Hash Master also based in USA currently sells their 5-chip devices at not so attractive prices, but they do offer the G-Blades with 8 day pre-order at a price of $1089.95 USD. The company is apparently moving towards offering ZeusMiner hardware as they already have these listed for pre-order at their website.

Note that we have not listed all of the companies that do sell Gridseed ASICs and we have intentionally left out some that we have previously mentioned as they have either not yet reduced the prices or have stopped selling Gridseed devices completely. Of course we could have missed some as well as there are probably quite a low of companies that we are not aware of…

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4 Responses to Get Your Gridseed Scrypt ASIC Miners Cheaper Now


May 6th, 2014 at 23:45

If Zeus releases the Blizzard miner at the end of the month for $199, and it has a hash rate of 4 Gridseed Infinity miners, then $65 is still over priced. Around $50 is more in line with the hash rate. Resellers are trying to get as much as they can, but they better lower prices more than what they advertise now or they will be stuck with some unsold miners when the diff rates go up due to ASIC miners.


May 7th, 2014 at 05:56

I’ve got some better offers selling G-Blade @ sub $900 and G-Box (aka A2) for sub 10k but somehow I still don’t think they’re attractive enough to buy anyway…when comparing with the KnC’s (although they’re not started shipping the product yet but maybe wait a bit more and see the ASIC market change will be a better idea before spending more)


May 8th, 2014 at 04:14

Attention – 70 USD minereu 5ch version are not new, but dirty, rusty


June 4th, 2014 at 10:44 are selling g-blades for $615 now. Boom baby!

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