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Zeus Could Start Shipping Their Scrypt ASIC Miners Earlier

8 May

The company Zeus has released an update on their website about the current progress for the ZeusMiner Scrypt ASICs that they already promised to start shipping by the end of this month. They have just announced that they will be starting to ship the first 500 orders from May 20th to latest May 25th, so apparently they are a bit ahead of the previously announced schedule to start shipping by May 31st. Another interesting thing is that the company will be releasing the miners not pushed to the maximum and promises an update that will allow users to further increase the hashrate later on. Also the company has announced that they will give out a second free miner, one that is a level lower in the product line than the ordered by the customer, so only the Blizzard customers will not get a second free miner with their orders. There is also a not so good quality video published from the company’s assembly factory in Shenzhen, China that you can see embedded above. So far things are looking pretty good for Zeus and their ZeusMiners and the only problem we currently find is that they do not have an official distributor in Europe for example to make it easier to get their products as they will be shipped from China.

We have decided to order one of the smallest 1.2 MHS Blizzard ZeusMiners in order to be able to test it and publish our hands-on experience with the Zeus Scrypt ASIC chips that are also used in the bigger miners. There are two options to pay directly to ZeusMiner, with BTC/LTC via CoinPayments or with Direct Bank Transfer, obviously using coins would be easier and faster and with no extra taxes from the bank. The price of the small Blizzard ZeusMiner is $199 USD and the shipping we got to Europe was $53.98 USD, so pretty steep price for shipping a small package from China, unless express courier service is used. Our order number was #2054, so apparently a lot of people have ordered Zeus Scrypt ASIC miners already with the company close to start shipping the actual units. We’ll keep you updated how things progress with our order.

To read the latest update from ZeusMiner regarding the current status of their operations…

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4 Responses to Zeus Could Start Shipping Their Scrypt ASIC Miners Earlier


May 8th, 2014 at 14:45

” Our order number was #2054, so apparently a lot of people have ordered Zeus Scrypt ASIC miners already with the company close to start shipping the actual units.” Unless they started the count at #2000 to make it seem this way…

When I ran my own consulting firm, I started my invoices at #673 so it wouldn’t seem like I was a new company to my first customer.


May 8th, 2014 at 15:03

Well, the database ID number is apparently 2916 and they are talking about closing the Batch 1 orders in a few days with the first 500 orders getting shipped earlier. And getting an order number 2054 does not mean that all orders in front are completed and paid. They’ve had to at least do some tests before launching the official order process, and probably did not start from #1. Will know soon enough if our test order gets shipped with the first 500 or not.


May 8th, 2014 at 16:43

Looks like they’ve settled on 210 khs per chip as the performance rating with potential approved overclock to 250 khs per chip.

Blizzard 6 chips @.210 = 1.26 mhs or at .250 = 1.5 mhs
Cyclone 64 chips @.210 = 13.44 mhs or at .250 = 16 mhs
Thunder 128 chips @.210 = 26.88 mhs or at .250 = 32 mhs
Lightning 256 chips @.210 = 53.76 mhs or at .250 = 64 mhs

The 210 kh/s matches what’s on Zoomhash’s and Gawminers’s sites so it is all beginning to be undestandable. still shows:

Cyclone 18 mhs, Thunder 36 mhs & Lightning 72 mhs so either they are clocked at .280 mhs or they added more chips to compensate. They might not have updated the page yet because the news entry shows they are giving existing pre-order customers more chips in the form of free product to compensate.


May 9th, 2014 at 21:13

Does anybody know what, if any software will support these miners?

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