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An Open Source Primecoin (XPM) Pool and GPU Miner Now Available

10 May


GPU mining of Primecoin (XPM) seems to be growing, however the problem with pools for mining XPM still remains and most of the GPU miners available are either for solo mining or for mining XPM only at ypool. This could soon change as the user madMAx510510 over at the Bitcointalk forum has released an open source Primecoin (XPM) GPU miner and a Pool, so hopefully we are soon probably going to get more pools and options to mine the coin with GPU. Primecoin XPM GPU Miner for xpmpool (aka. madPrimeMiner) uses Google protobuf protocol that is only compatible with the Primecoin XPM Pool Server, so pool operators may easily add XPM mining pools using these two as a base if they are interested.

The source code of the new Primecoin (XPM) Pool and GPU Miner software at GitHub…

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